Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Name. Who Else Wants To Name Their Baby Apple?

Hopefully nobody, as this name unfortunately totals a number that indicates relationship problems, misfortune and bad luck. And that's not according to some new 'name meanings' list, but an Ancient Scientific Name Analysis System that has been used since ancient Egyptian times when it was used solely for the naming of the Royal Children, to ensure they had the best possible traits for their life.

These days, very few people are choosing their baby names with a scientific strategy! Many will choose a name based on a name they like the sound of (which may turn out to be a good thing if you have good intuition), or after a favourite relative, or after a relative who would be upset if their name wasn't used! Or perhaps the baby name will be influenced by the latest 'popular' baby names, or you will name your baby after a singer, actor or other celebrity that you like.

So, all-in-all it's a bit of a lottery as to what name your baby ends up with. Maybe you have heard that a particular name apparently means 'child of joy' or some other such phrase. That is all well and good, but it doesn't tell you anything about the personality traits of that name, or the health issues connected with the name, or whether the letters in the name are positive for your child or negative. (Every letter of a name also has a meaning). It also doesn't tell you whether the name is a good match with the surname you have, and this is vital. Here is an example of what I mean. If the first name you choose for your baby indicates a very outgoing, fun-loving personality, but your surname indicates very introvert qualities, then sooner or later your child may experience behavioural and personality problems as these two extremes create conflict and discord. You may know someone yourself who can be extrovert one minute and moody and withdrawn the next. This can obviously create relationship problems. Will their future partner fall in love with the extrovert side or the introvert side? And what happens when the other side comes out?

Let's look at the letters in a name briefly. Some letters like C and G for instance are positive, while the letter H brings 8 years of stress and strain at various times throughout the life, and this can be pinpointed via the date of birth. U brings losses. F brings a tendency for concealment.

What you ideally need is a name for your baby that complements the surname, totals a number that brings good personality traits and has predominantly positive letters. (I can advise on all these).

To give you some food for thought about how a name can affect someone's life, here are the names of some famous, successful people who have a different name today to the one they were born with. Cilla Black, John Wayne, Bono, Elton John, Englebert Humperdink. The latter is a particularly interesting one. Englebert's former name was Jerry Dorsey, yet he had no success as a singer with that name in spite of the fact that he toured all the pubs and clubs for 16 years. It was only after he changed his name that he went on to have number one hit records, international success and wealth, and he is still releasing records today all these decades later (so his unusual new name didn't simply create a one-hit wonder). The key to his new name is the fact that, according to the system I use, it totals a number that brings success in Entertainment! (I think that was just down to luck or good intuition in this case, I'm not aware of him having had Name Analysis!) Would the other celebrities have had the same success with their former names? We will never know, but I can't imagine Elton being an International Star as a Reg Dwight!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meaning Behind the Name

There are a hundred different ways that people find a name they like to use for their child. They could have read it in a book, heard it on a show or movie, or even know someone with a name they like. But how many of these people actually stop and think about the meaning to the name, or even know the meaning to the name? Is it important? Should people be named more on how something sounds or what the meaning is?

Does the meaning even matter? A child could be given a name that doesn't fit them at all. A name could be given to a child because of the meaning, and then the meaning doesn't match up with how the child turns out.

Take for example the male's name Lang. It is of Scandinavian origin and means "tall man." It is a very nice name, but it can't be assured that the meaning is going to fit the child when he grows up. Lang could very well turn out to be a short man when he reaches adulthood. There is nothing wrong with that, but the fact remains that the meaning of the name does not fit his character.

A second example is the name Kenneth. It is of Celtic origin and means "handsome." Not every guy in the world is going to be considered handsome. This doesn't mean that if someone isn't handsome then they are ugly, though. It just means that looks are subjective.

If we can't determine how our children turn out, then why are Lang and Kenneth chosen as names? Surely their parents realize that just because you name a child something doesn't mean he/she is going to end up fitting the meaning. This must mean that meaning has become less and less important in this day and age, and that how a name looks and sounds is the key to choosing a name.

Another example is Jacob, which is of Hebrew origin and means "supplanter." It is a very common name in the world, but chosen for its meaning? Doubtful. Supplanter means "one who replaces something else." It is unlikely that people really imply this when they name their child this. The meaning is quite vague.

There is the opposite aspect of this, though. Names that have wonderful and loving meanings but are often overlooked because they aren't as common nowadays. The first example of this is the female name Adora. It is of Latin origin and means "beloved one." That is a very beautiful meaning to give to a child, but it is becoming less and less favored as more dominant names, like Sarah which means "princess" seem to appeal to parents more often now.

Then there are the names that are made up, that have no real meaning besides what the creator might have them imply. Is there anything wrong with these names at all? Not at all. In fact, one may argue that there is much more meaning to them than any of the already used names. Why? Because they are created specifically for the child, there is already an expressed love between the parents and the child. They're honoring their child with something unique and meaningful to them, not meaningful to the world.

So does meaning matter? To those want it to, yes. To those that don't, no. There is nothing wrong with that. The important thing is to give a child a name that you feel fits them, and a name that is given to them because you love them and not because you are obsessed with a certain word, or name, or anything like that. The name will be part of their life so it's important to choose wisely.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fun Ways to Find Baby Names

Names all come from a meaning and they come from somewhere. Not everyone remembers the meanings though, or really cares. We tend to just think of the names nowadays. That doesn't mean naming can't be fun. Almost anything can be a the perfect name if used correctly. Sometimes a little tweaking with a few letter changes and syllable alterations may enhance it. This article will help point out some sources of names to consider when trying to be creative for your future baby.

Flowers and Plants

While names like Rose and Lily may be common, and Holly and Daisy not too far off, there are thousands of other flowers out there just waiting to be picked. Flowers like Aster, Hawthorn, Gladiolas, Jonquil and Orchid.

Along with flowers, many plants have been used as names in the past. Some examples include Willow, Sequoia, Oakley, and Ash. Though they are all wonderful names, none of the three are really common names. Other beautiful trees and plants that are worth considering and playing around with are Azaleas, Birch, Cypress, Zelkova, and Vibernum. There are also fruit trees such as Apple, Cherry, and Peach, which have on occasion inspired a few names.


Gemstones have a beauty both in their look and in their name. One of the most obvious ways of helping them be associated with a name is choosing the birthstone of the baby's month as a name. Garnet for a January baby, Amethyst for a February baby, and so on. Because they are very common and already known words, they'll be unique but not too strange that it might be confusing for some to pronounce or spell, as is how some newly created names can be.

There are also many other gemstones out there besides the birthstones, and any gem can be used for a baby's name in any month. There is no rule to limit only babies in the month of October can have the name Opal.


Mythology has a great and diverse range of words and names to play around with. Most obvious is the names of gods and heroes to choose from. Looking at Greek mythology as an example, anything from Zeus and Hera, to Apollo and Rhea, to Argos and Pandora can be a refreshing revival of the classical names.

Along with actual names of gods and heroes, there are the different types of beings to be inspired by. For example, there are the nymphs and their many types like Auloniads, Oreads, Naiads, Dryads, Nereids and Lampades. There were also Satyrs, Elves, Giants, Gnomes, Amazons, etc. These creatures were sometimes even monsters, like the Leviathan, or Chimera, or Typhon, or Cerberus. While these might not be ideal names at first glance, they may grow in liking, and by playing around with syllables and spelling can become original and respectable names to have.


A trend in naming that dates back before most can recall is being inspired by different locations around the world. The possibilities are endless, including everything from continents to countries to cities and even regions. Specific geographical locations, like names of mountains, seas, rivers and lakes, can also be unique and fun to play around with.

Sometimes these places have a deeper meaning for the parents. It could be where they first met, where they proposed, where they got married, their favorite vacation spot, their dream location, their homeland, where they were born, etc. Using these places as names or inspiration for names for their children add a nice personal touch.


Colors are some of the most used ways of expression in the world, from writing to art to everyday use. Why should names be any different? Not only do the words of color paint a visual image, they give a feeling, an expression, a meaning.

Simple examples like Red, Orange, Blue and green may not have quite the effect and may be a bit lackluster for some. There are still plenty of other descriptive and poetic words for colors, though. Reds can be Carmine, Cerise, Scarlet, or Vermilion. Orange as Coral and Ginger. Yellow can be Amber or Ivory. Green can be Jade, Sage, Viridian or Willow. Blue can be Azure and Beryl, Cobalt or Teal. Purple can be Lavendar, Violet, Orchid. Even white and black can be interesting, with names like Pearl, Ash, Sable, Onyx and Ebony.

There are many other inspirations and word groups out there to draw from and help name your child. Whether it be an animal, a star, a zodiac sign, a favorite food or song, a movie character or novel character, a color, gem or flower, there is a whole world of creativity out there. Common names are fine and can be quite beautiful, but naming your child something unique can say a lot more than the actual word

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Understanding Traditional Southern Baby Names

Any true southerner has trouble understanding why Yankees get such a laugh out of some Southern baby names. People not in the loop think double or even triple names are slapped together for no other reason than locally pleasing meter or syntax. It may be unreasonable of me, but the idea of anybody poking fun at a tradition they don't understand just makes me mad. Southerners choose their babies' names for excellent reasons. Never mind that the names that they select are most likely different than those on the list of most popular baby names for any given year!

Southern moms don't just flip through the latest books and pick names because they are cute or trendy. These ladies go through more pains in naming their kids than they did in giving birth to them! That statement may be taking it a bit too far, but folks in the south do literally agonize over what to name their baby. This is because choosing southern baby names involves much more than reading the few words in some generic baby book that lists the copycat definitions of various baby names.

Definitions are all fine and good, they have worked for the people who publish Webster's Dictionary for years! But when you start talking about naming southern boys and girls you're looking at meanings of names within families, not what they might mean to a person who speaks Latin or Hebrew!

As far as meter goes, I don't care how lightly a certain name trips off the tongue, diligence and research has to be exercised in the naming process. Care must be taken so as not to risk naming a child after a second cousin somewhere in the lineage that committed some type of faux pas back in the day. The unlucky ancestor's unfortunate misdeed could have been anything from having fought for the north to having done time in Atlanta for not having been discrete about the location of the family still. The crime would be in having been caught, as there is certainly no dishonor in making your own refreshments even in the New South.

Don't be mistaken to think that only the names of a southern child's parents or even grandparents are passed forward. There may have been a brave great great uncle who fought bravely in the war and deemed worthy of remembrance. In this instance there may be a competition every generation or so among siblings to have the first boy child. The prize for winning this rather unusual race will be that the first born son can have first dibs for the famous great grand uncle's name! Sometimes the rules of first come first serve are violated and the results are that there will be a covey of first cousins all bearing their famous ancestor's name! Talk about chaos at the family reunion! How in the world can you differentiate between all those little Beauregard namesakes? How does a body manage a shout out to one of them without bringing in the entire clan? That's where middle names come in handy and brings me to a possible theory on the southern tradition of double names!

As we all know southerners are famous for double names. Some are forced to resort to triple names so that their little Mary or Michael stands apart from the rest. Why this is a tradition credited to the south I'm not really sure. I would like to think that southerners have so many famous kin that they want to claim. This fact makes it necessary to give each child several names so that each illustrious departed family member is sufficiently honored.

I can't count the many theories where credit can be given for the reasoning of traditional southern baby naming patterns and the traditions behind them. There seems to be no definitive answer on why family names and history appear to be more important to new parents below the Mason Dixon Line than in other parts of the nation. There is however, no argument that the results are some of the most elegant and romantic names you will find printed on a birth certificate anywhere. The next time you feel tempted to giggle at a child named Billy Bob consider that the first person that bore the same name may not have perished defending a southern belle's honor but that he may have died defending our freedom and our country.

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A Simple Method For Choosing The Perfect Name For Your New Baby

A person's name is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Selecting a baby's name is an important, but often difficult decision for many parents. Follow our guide for a simple process in selecting your baby's name.

Most people have some ideas for good baby names and have thought about it on and off throughout their entire lives. Remember that the other parent and people around you will also have opinions about baby names, so sometimes it is a good idea to consider these opinions. If by some chance you do not have enough ideas for baby names, then search the internet for a baby name directory.

Remember that your new child will be stuck with whatever name you give him or her for the rest of their lives. Common names are "normal" and "safe", but sometimes easily forgotten, especially when you meet a lot of people all at once. Unusual names are hard to remember at first, but once remembered usually stick to memory much better. You may want to choose a name that is easily pronounced from the spelling. When trying to pick a name, decide whether you want the child to have a common name or an unusual name.

If you want a not too common name that is easy to remember, try to think of names of people that you have never met before. For example, I've never personally met anyone named Darien, so perhaps that name is not too common. Although this method is far from scientific, it is a good way to brainstorm.

Want to avoid common names? Check out the following website that allows you the search for the most common names by year:


Once you have a list of names, you can move onto the second step in the process - picking the best name for the baby. It should be noted that in most cases, the two people who have authority of a new baby's name are the mother and father. The opinions of friends, family members, and other associates can be taken into account as well, but ultimately the parents should make the final decision. The name should be one that both the mother and father like. Here are some methods for selecting a baby's name:

1) The most obvious way to select a name is to just have both parents talk about it until they reach a decision. Most parents can come to agreements this way, although others may be more fixated on their own name choices. If selecting a baby name becomes difficult, try the methods below.

2) The father picks a boy name and the mother picks a girl name before the gender of the child is known (or vice versa). If either parent does not like a name, they can veto the name. For example, if the father picks "John" for the boy's name and the mother does not like it, she can veto. The father then has to pick another name. This process continues until both parents pick names that are mutually acceptable. This method works best for parents that are not too picky about names. Otherwise, the process could last a long time.

3) If you want to involve friends and family, what you will need to do is make a list of names. Choose the names that you are most passionate about and make the list as concise as possible. Have friends and family rate the names on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best (or rank them from favorite to least favorite). The parents can easily print out these surveys on paper or send the by email. Total up the scores and see what people around you think.

The reach a decision, parents must agree on a process and then follow it. In summary, following these simple steps can take the stress and difficulty out of selecting a baby's name.

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Personalized Baby Name Gifts

The personalized baby name gifts are a gift for newly born in which the name of the baby is printed, carved, or engraved. The gifts bring a special smile and joy to the parents. Parents will cherish the gifts forever. Here are a few gift ideas.

You can give a gift of wood frame with glass. In the wood frame, the name of the baby is printed in colorful paper. To personalize even more, you can include the baby name meaning. The wood frame can come in variety of baby colors. The popular colors are usually light like light blue, light pink, white, and light green. To add a special touch, the wood frame have nicely shape carvings like fish, sails, hearts, flowers, stars, sun, and moons.

There are many artworks for your choice. Not only it is a nice gift, the gift decorates the room. The room comes alive with lively artwork, vibrant colors, and enigmatic charms.

The frame can have a place for foot prints and picture of the baby. The parents will want to remember the cute little baby face and foot prints. Now, the gift becomes an unforgettable and memorable gift.

For safety reasons, the glass can be replaced with Plexiglass. It is also known as Acrylite, Lucite, or Acrylic glass. The Plexiglass are more durable. That means the Plexiglass does not break as easily.

You can also give a thoughtful crystal glass with intricate design. In the crystal glass, you can engrave the lovely baby name. The intricate design includes the hands of the clock in which the hands tell the time of birth. The crystal glass can turn into heirloom. The gift is treasured forever as the gift is passed thru generations.

Now, the origin of baby name may come from China, Japan, Egypt, or wherever. The baby name can be in foreign characters, scripts, or alphabets to match the origin. This proves that you put much thought to your gift.

There are many more gift ideas to put the baby name and meanings. For example, custom name signs, dolls, bib, shirts, stuff toy, tote bags, door signs, infant caps, and more. Parents put plenty of time to find the perfect unique baby names. A baby gift with the baby name and meanings rewards the parents for choosing the baby names.

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