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Sleeping Tips For Baby

Feeling exhausted and having trouble putting your little one to sleep? Try these tips we collected from other mommies.

Remember, there are many ways to accomplish the same desired result. Apply the tips provided here and mold them to the result that best suits you, your baby and your family’s needs.

For You:

* For the few weeks after birth, try to sleep when baby sleeps. Household chores can be done later....or better yet, by someone else.
* Allow for a night feeding to be done by dad or another supporting caregiver.

For Your Baby

* Newborns cannot be “spoiled” in the first 2 months of life, therefore, assist your baby to fall asleep by any means necessary during this time (examples include holding, rocking, sing, giving pacifier).
* Avoiding "training" your baby to sleep only when it is dark and quiet. This can be accomplished by allowing for some noise with daytime activities.
* Apply slow and gentle pressure to your baby's skin just before nap time or bedtime to help your baby settle down.
* Try to put your baby to sleep before he/she becomes overtired. Babies can become extremely cranky when they are overtired.
* Sleep patterns in babies usually do not appear until approximately 3-4 months of age. You might find it helpful to keep a schedule of your baby’s sleep pattern for approximately 1 week to help you determine your baby’s sleep routine. Determining your baby’s sleep routine will help you know when to put your baby to sleep before he/she becomes overtired.
* Around 3-4 months of age, babies can begin to soothe themselves to go to sleep. Allow your baby approximately 10 minutes to put himself/herself back to sleep. If your baby remains unsettled, offer your assistance only for a couple of minutes at a time and try to do as little as possible to help your baby fall asleep.

Maximizing Your Sleep at Night with a Newborn:

* Do not let your baby sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours throughout the day.
* Feed your baby more frequently throughout day. This will help you to stretch the nighttime feedings a bit longer. Even an extra 30 minutes to an hour of sleep is helpful.
* Give your baby a pacifier when putting your baby to sleep. Babies are soothed by sucking and pacifiers have been associated with decreasing the risk of SIDS.
* Skip a diaper change (unless child has diaper rash) in the middle of the night to keep the level of stimulation low.
* Make the night-time feedings boring. Try not to talk to much too your baby, keep the light low...just change your baby's diaper (only if needed), feed your baby, and then put your baby back to bed.
* Dress your baby in a gown to make diaper changes easier at nighttime.
* Some infants, especially in the first month of life, feel secure when swaddled. It is best to swaddle your baby during the day when you are awake and checking on him/her. If you do swaddle your baby a night, do it safely either by swaddling your baby with his/her arms outside of the blanket to prevent blanket from covering mouth and noise during sleep or by using The Miracle Blanket.
* Provide the last feeding as late as possible.
* For formula fed babies:
o Pre-measure water in a baby bottle and pre-measure the desired amount of formula in a separate closed container. Prepare enough of these for the entire night. When it is feeding time, mix the water and powder for 1 feeding together. This eliminates the need to warm the milk.

Maximizing Your Sleep at Night When Your Baby is 2 months and Older:

* Place your baby in his/her crib awake.
* Establish a night time routine before bed-time. For example, your routine my include giving your baby a bath after the last feeding, followed by a brief massage, changing into his/her pajamas, reading a short story or singing a lullaby. Between 2-4 months, it may be helpful to do your bedtime routine first and then provide the last feeding.
* Be consistent with nap time and bedtime routines.
* Be sure your baby sleeps in the same place and around the same times.
* Begin your bedtime routine early so that your baby is sleeping before he/she becomes overtired.
* After 6 months of age, when the risk of SIDS has decreased somewhat, you can allow your child to sleep with a comfort item such as a blanket or a small stuffed animal.

For More Baby Related Information: Visit Us At: Diba Tillery RN, BSN Babies 411 is an on-line information and resource center for parents. It has been developed by Diba, a neonatal intensive care nurse, with the sole purpose of promoting the health, safety, and well-being of all babies.

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Consider This When Naming Your Baby by Tom Tessin

When it's time to name your child, there are so many things that are going through your head, and often times, or not, there are some things that you won't even think of, until you actually name your child. Take a look at what you should also consider, when you're ready to name your child.

Passing a Name

Throughout time, there was a great emphasis on passing a name from generation to generation. Most commonly, this tradition was passed from male to male. However, in countries around the world, it is acceptable to pass down a female's name to their family members. Whether you decide to pass down a family name down to your child, there are many things to consider when doing this. Of course, there's always the dreaded problem when family get-togethers have five people with the name Billy and you want to speak to Billy IV, but all four of the others look up to see what you have to say. An easy way to avoid all the confusion is by simply passing down one of the family names. Without insulting your family, the family name is still being carried on, but you've allowed for an easier time differentiating between your family members.

Choosing Something Unique

There have been many stories on the news regarding celebrities naming their children odd names, and it appears to be a growing trend. Some people look in all different directions for inspiration in giving their child a name that is unique to them. Some people look to nature, space, seasons, and many other things that inspire them for that perfect name. When naming your child something unique, it also comes with many things to consider. Mainly, how will your child's friends and peers react to your child's strange name? If you decide to name your daughter Winter Snow or you son Payson Ventura, you can expect that there will be some amount of teasing from other kids.

Spelling Variations

Some people prefer to have a traditional name for their child, but want to update to a more time appropriate spelling. By removing the "eh" in Nicholas, you've given your child a name unique to him. Although it is becoming more common to spell your child's name differently, spelling variations also come with a price, much like the confusion of family names and the teasing with unique names. Because most people think a name is spelled a certain way, you will run into having to constantly spell out your child's name so that it's correct on every piece of paper his/her name is on.

What's Right for You?

Whether you decide to go traditional or unique, there are many things to consider. Most importantly, what you name your child is a decision that you as a parent(s) have to make for yourself. If you're having trouble deciding on a name, just sit back and take a breather. Your child isn't going anywhere and will be waiting for nine months, which gives you plenty of time to make the decision.

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Giving Your Baby an Unusual Name by Irvin Mcclain

What's in a name? Er...well, everything, really! Of course your little bundle of joy is the sweetest, most beautiful thing you have ever seen and you want to choose a name that reflects his/her individuality, spirituality, uniqueness and all-round special-ness.

But wait a minute!

Remember that the unique baby name you choose will help define junior's life - how they are viewed and accepted - for many, many years. What sounds cute and original for a 5-year-old, may not sound so funky for a 15-year-old...and what about a 55-year old?

Time was when only celebrities could get away with unique baby names (Zowie Bowie, Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, etc), but in the modern world, individuality is more prized than ever before, and increasingly, this starts with our names. Great idea - but don't allow a flash of a self-indulgence to condemn your child to a lifetime of problems; it's reported that a Chinese couple named their child "Saddam Sars" to mark the current world events at the time of the birth! I just hope it means something nice in Mandarin, or Cantonese!

This probably wouldn't have happened in Germany, where names can only be registered if they recognizable, do not ridicule the child and are gender specific. Perhaps there is at least one Chinese child in the world, who will grow up wishing he/she were German!

So - assuming you are not German - what should you do if you want to create a unique baby name, without creating too many problems? Here are some tips and some warnings to make the process less painful:

1. Anagrams: try creating an anagram of an existing name.

2. Father and Mother: try using derivatives of one of the parents' names, or a combination of both. Alternatively, how does the mother's maiden name sound as a first name?

3. Telescoping: try dropping letters from another name or a word, until you get a nice-sounding unique baby name.

4. Spelling: an unusual spelling of a common name creates uniqueness. However, remember that your child will be condemned to a lifetime of "...that's David spelt D..A..Y..V..I..D..." conversations.

5. Pronunciation: another trick is to pronounce a common name in an unusual way. But this can also lead to a lifetime of corrections and explanations - as well as teasing and accusations of pretentiousness.

6. History: do some research into names that were popular in previous eras, but have become less so.

7. Family History: are there any unusual baby names that can be used to honor family members or ancestors? But beware family politics...

8. Nature: many names come from the natural world, particularly flowers (e.g. Rose) and it's a great source for unique baby names (e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple).

9. Geography: another useful source of great names - grab an atlas and start searching. David and Victoria Beckham called their first son Brooklyn, which many people think is a cool-sounding name. However, it's reported that the choice was made because that's where conception took place. Hmmm, imagine a lifetime in which your name is a constant reminder of your parents having sex! Eeeuuuuww!!!

10. Celebrities: famous people with slightly unusual names are a common source of inspiration. There are lots of teenage "Kylie"s running around the UK since Kylie Minogue's arrival on the music scene at end of the '80's, and her recent resurgence, will have created a second wave of them. And I'm sure many little "Be'yonce"s have been popping up over the last few years. The only problem is that names like these very soon begin to sound a little silly and "wannabe".

11. Foreign Names: consider using a foreign version of a name, e.g., Pedro, instead of Peter. Or try using a name from a completely different culture.

12. Nicknames: try using a nickname e.g. Angie, instead of Angela or Angelina. However, make sure the name is will pass the "age test" - see number 17 below.

13. Middle Names: a great way to accommodate individuality when naming your baby, is to combine a common first name with a unique second/middle name. The benefit of this is that your child can avoid embarrassment throughout his/her life by ignoring it of keeping it hidden.

14. Initials: when you have settled on some baby names, check that the initials aren't embarrassing. This is an easy trap to fall into and can lead to a lifetime of misery. "Zina Indigo" are may be nice sounding names for your lovely daughter, but make sure your surname doesn't begin with "T"!

15. First Name-Surname: check how the selected first name combines with the surname. Make sure the two names do not create some something recognizable, to prevent a lifetime of teasing. Also, check the rhythm of the two names; a different number of syllables in each name usually flows much better. Avoid rhyming the 2 names at all costs or your child will hate you forever!

16. The loudness test: try saying the name softly, at normal pitch and shouting it very loudly. You may be surprised at the results.

17. The age test: try to visualize your child with the name as a baby, as a teenager, as a young adult, a mature adult and as a senior citizen. A name can create completely different perceptions of the individual at separate stages of life.

18. The meaning: the final test of the baby name that you choose should be to check its meaning (if any). Don't leave your child open to getting a nasty surprise later in life.

Whatever unique baby name you decide, don't fall into the trap of self-indulgence. Remember, it's not about you, it's all about your child. Your grand design to celebrate the uniqueness of this new human being, may eventually lead to a lifelong, desperate desire for conformity and anonymity. Even Zowie Bowie eventually changed his name to "Joey"...

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Jack and Lily Baby Shoes - The Name Of Comfort For Babies by Imran Ali

Looking for the baby charm shoes and thinking to buy the usual inflexible leather baby shoes, which have been in trend for the last several years. Your baby will surely love to wear this kind of shoes as they are quite stiff, equally thick and completely nonflexible. Since we know that feet of the kids are very soft and weak, therefore wearing these shoes will surely give your child a very tough time.

Logically it will be quite difficult for the kids to walk around wearing such stiff and inflexible shoes. So we don't recommend you to buy this type of shoes for your baby. You as parents would like to find such a pair of shoes that would prove comfortable for your child. This is the reason why it is always good to purchase the baby shoes with soft sole. The babies feel quite relaxed in these soft shoes. If you have made your mind to buy the soft-soled baby shoes for your newborn baby, then you don't need to go anywhere else because Jack and Lily baby shoes are offering you wide range of gorgeous designs of baby shoes. Jack and Lily baby shoes are very soft and comfortable to wear. The babies love to put on such type of shoes.

In Canada a survey was taken and you won't believe that Jack and Lily Baby Shoes were highly rated in it, majority of the parents admired these shoes and lauded the company for preparing extremely soft shoes for babies. They also won the 2007 Earnshaw Magazine Earnie Award. They are available in extremely beautiful and exclusive designs, if you have never bought these shoes, you should definitely try them for your baby.

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Today's Baby Names by Julie Parker

One of the most exciting things new parents get to do before the arrival of their child is choose the baby's name. Will it be something popular or unusual? A family name or something original? We will explore the top baby names as well as some of the more unique possibilities to help you choose the perfect name.

Top Baby Names

In the 90s, the most popular name for a boy was Michael. For the past five years, the most common name has been Jacob. Other popular names include Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, William, Joseph, Gregory, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Christopher. If you are looking for a classic, these baby names have been popular for years.

The most popular name for a girl has not changed in the past fifteen years. It continues to be Emily, and is currently followed by Emma, Madison, Olivia, Hannah, Abigail, Isabella, Ashley, Samantha, and Elizabeth. Except for Ashley and Elizabeth, the popularity of the others is recent and affected by pop culture, especially television shows.

Other sources of popular names are best-selling novels and celebrities. After Gweneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, many people have done the same. The Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings movies have also added many names to the list of the most popular.

Unusual Baby Names

One way today's parents have created unusual names for their children is by changing the spelling of a popular name. Variations that are becoming less unusual include Emilie, Elisabeth, Karin, and Erika. Names like Stacy can be spelled in three different ways (Stacy, Stacie, Staci).

Another way to personalize a baby name is to use a nickname as the child's full name. For instance, Ben instead of Benjamin, Jon instead of Jonathan, and Matt instead of Matthew are becoming more common.

Other unusual sources for baby names come from the world around us. The popularity of names such as April and May continues to come and go, while names such as Winter, and Hazel are still unusual. Consider choosing a baby name reminiscient of the time of year when your child will be born or the time of year they were conceived. Fruit, vegetables, colors, and the adjectives that describe them are a good starting point (Pear, Lemon, Azure). Other uncommon names are those of plants and flowers, such as Hyacinth, Daisy, and Fern.

Other ideas to get you thinking:

Names that describe an ideal or a personality, such as Hope, Grace, Prudence, Patience, Temperance, or Chastity, are still unusual although not entirely unique. Other descriptive baby names include Cadence and Candid.

Other unusual names come from sources that are not commonly used today. While Biblical names are popular, Greek mythology is only rarely used. Your child may be the only one in their class to have the name Athena, Minerva, or Pan. Or you could give them a name from another culture, such as the Swedish Carina or the Polish Aleksy.

Baby names from other cultures include:
Anuket - Egyptian mythology
Augustyn - Polish
Crina - Romanian
Dimitriy (Dima) - Russian
Freya - Norse mythology
Hestia - Greek mythology
Kirill - Russian

The possibilities are endless! But as mentioned above, remember that if the source of your baby's name is a television show, novel, or celebrity, the name may not be that unusual when they begin school several years down the road. This is especially true for girls. Look for Apple, Reese, and Uma to be popular over the next five years.

Perhaps you'd like something even more original.

Unique Baby Names

If you don't want your child's name to be the same as anyone else's, you can create a unique baby name. These names can have many sources. The more common methods of creating something original are by the combination of family names or the addition of a syllable or letter to a popular name. An example of the latter is Kylen, a unique girl's name which stems from the boy's name Kyle. Unique baby names which may come from a family name include Stafford, Prestoff, and Kilin. While some people may find these better suited for a middle name, others may prefer their unique nature.

A sampling of unique names:

The Meaning of a Name

For some people, it doesn't matter whether a baby name is popular or unique, it just has to mean a certain thing. Rather than choose a baby name with an obvious connotation such as Spring, Grace, or Rose, they want a name that will bring goodwill to their child through its ancient origin.

Some popular as well as unusual baby names include:
Adelaide (Adelia, Alyssa, Allison) - noble
Albert - bright
Alethea - truth
Beatrice - traveller
Cara - beloved
Colbert - bright
Darwin - friend
Elfleda - beauty
Gertrude - stength
Hannah (Anna) - favor, grace
Henry (Henrietta) - power
Isolde - beauty
Keisha - favorite
Letitia - joy
Manfred - strength
Osmund - protector
Robert (Bob) - fame
Vivian - alive

Tips For Choosing

There are many things to consider when you finally select a baby name. Will this be a name your child can use for life, or will it sound silly when it refers to an adult? Will this name cause your child to be picked on? Will they have to constantly correct people in its pronunciation or spelling, and does this concern you? Are there any stereotypes (good or bad) associated with it?

One last concern is: does it fit with your last name? Generally it sounds better if there are a different number of syllables in the first and last names. Only rarely should the first letter of the first and last names be the same. This is of course more of a concern for boys, as they will keep their name for life. Of course, any decisions about hyphenation in the last name should be made before the first name is chosen.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. After all, you have nine months to make this decision! Leave yourself open to the myriad sources of ideas, and you will find the baby name for you. And of course, if you let people know you're looking, friends, family members, and even coworkers might add their own suggestions!

Keep these things in mind, and you will choose a popular, or unusual, or unique baby name that your child will be proud of for life.

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The Pregnancy Show--Baby Names

Find out how to choose a great baby name for your baby and learn how to appease family members while at the same time getting around the pressure of needing to use a family name.

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Choosing a Double Stroller by Amy W. Cates

Whether you have twins or just two small children close in age, a double stroller can be a life saver. But with so many double stroller options on the market, it can be daunting trying to decide what to buy. This article serves as a guide to help you in making that decision. After all, this is not an inexpensive purchase. You want to be an informed shopper before you go out and purchase your double stroller.

First of all, understand that there are basically three kinds of double strollers: Tandem, Side by Side, and Sit and Stand. A tandem stroller has one seat behind the other seat. A side by side stroller has two seats next to each other. And a sit and stand stroller is just like a tandem except there is one seat and one area for an older child to stand behind the seat. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of each kind and take a look at a few of the actual strollers in these categories.

Tandem Strollers
A tandem stroller, with one seat behind the other, is often touted as your best option for getting through tight spaces like department stores or amusement parks or any other place you might have a hard time maneuvering a wider stroller. The good news is that you probably won't have a hard time fitting through a door or other tight space. But the bad news is that it might be difficult to get a tandem stroller up over a curb or step or any raised area due to the weight and length of the stroller. With a tandem stroller, you also have to deal with the fact that one child, the child in the front seat, will be out of your reach. And the child sitting in the rear seat will be a bit more crowded and will not have a very good view. If you have one older and one younger child, this may not be an issue. The younger child can be put in the back closer to the parent and in the space that is a bit more crowded. But if you have twins or two children about the same size, this could be a problem.

Side by Side Strollers
A side by side stroller has two seats next to each other. As mentioned before, a side by side stroller can be quite wide which makes it difficult to maneuver through some tight spaces. However, unlike tandem strollers, each seat offers each child the same view and the same leg and arm room. Both children are within arm's reach of the driver. And the children can easily see and talk to each other. Of course that last point can also be a negative. If your children are prone to fighting with each other, putting them inches from each other may be a nightmare. A tandem stroller would eliminate that issue.

Sit and Stand Strollers
Technically, the "Sit 'n Stand" is the name of a stroller manufactured by Baby Trend Company. Other companies have copied the design and call it a variety of names including a Stand-On Stroller, or a Caboose. But the basic premise is the same. You take a regular single stroller and add an area on the back for a child to stand. Some of these standing areas have a fold down seat for a child to sit on. But this seat is just a bare bones seat, not a plush seat with all of the extras that the regular stroller seat offers. This type of stroller is best for a family with a baby who needs a stroller and an older child who usually walks but who may want an occasional ride. The Sit and Stand stroller is much smaller than a regular tandem stroller with 2 full seats, which makes it easier to travel with or even to take to the mall or grocery store.

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Baby Names Trends

Famous Baby Names 1970-1984 by Tom Tessin

The girl's name of Jennifer is pronounced Jen-ee-fer is of Welsh origin and it means "fair one." The name is a variant of Guinevere in Mythology known as Arthur's Queen. The name is famous today because of some of the popular people who brought it to the public eye. Such famous celebrities as Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jennifer O'Neil, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez made the name popular. The name has about 21 variant forms such as Genna, Genni, Gennie, Gennifer, Gennivre, Genny, Jen and Jenny to name just a few.

The popular boys name James is used as a girl's name in certain parts of the world. James pronounced Jayms and it is of English origin. One of the popular variants of the name James is Jacob. The name means "he who supplants". James was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and possibly a cousin of Jesus. The Bible was named The King James is in reference to James I of England during the 16th and 17th century. The Spanish version of the name James is pronounced HYE-may, while the Scottish version is pronounced JAY-mee. There are many famous people who have the name James such as writer James Joyce, actors James Mason, James Caviezel, James Gandolfini, Jimmy Stewart and entertainer Jimmy Durante. We have had famous Presidents with the name of James such as James Buchanan, James Garfield, James Madison, James Polk and Jimmy Carter. James was very popular during 1940-1952 for baby boys still holds popularity today being in the top five choices for baby names.

When you're ready to name your child, there are some things that you should keep in mind in order to come up with the best name that is possible for your new baby. Since there are literally thousands of names out there, it's going to be very tough to find the name that you're looking for, but with these tips, you'll be able to find a name that suits your needs.

Explore websites - When you explore websites, you're going to want to check out a ton of names. You're going to want to make sure that you either register on these websites, or you have a pad of paper nearby. This is going to help you remember what names that you like, and which ones that you don't like. If you have a list of the great names that you like, it's going to make it a lot easier down the road.

Analyze the name - When you finally get that list, you'll want to get together and explore what you like, and don't like about each and every name. By doing this, you're going to find which one you truly desire. Since you'll probably have a lot of names, you want to explore the downsides, and upsides. By doing so, I can almost guarantee you that you're going to pick out the best baby name that suits your baby for the near future. Try these tips and more, and you should get a great name!

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