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Sore Nipples - Weaning Baby Off The Nipple Tipple

Sore nipples are a condition that is the cause behind discomfort and stress for most women and especially more so for the mother who has a baby that enjoys a tipple from mummy's nipple. Babies love their mums to nestle - and not wrestle with them at feeding times. In the early days of breastfeeding sore nipples is sometimes unavoidable. What you need to remember at this stage is the difference between the meaning of sore and painful. Pain at feed times could be a sign that you need to make changes so that feeding sessions is more comfortable for both you and your new born baby.

Babies have an unbelievable strong suction - which therefore can result in the nipple area becoming tender. When baby comes in contact with the nipple it stretches the breast tissue. Experience from this may feel like a pulling sensation which evidently points to why the discomfort. When the infant sucks and the milk begins to flow, breastfeeding becomes more bearable i.e. easing the sore nipples. You may notice after time (2-4 days) breast soreness will ease. If the baby is not positioned right during his or her feed then this can be the cause of the discomfort. Help and advice is available for those unsure as what is the correct way for breastfeeding.

Pain felt at feed time that persists longer than seven days or more can indicate another problem other than what would be expected from the way the infant is latching-on or sucking. Do not ignore this condition because nipple soreness can worsen where the nipple develops painful cracks. Breastfeeding is an experience you should look forward to - not one you dread. Do not suffer in silence talk to your midwife or doctor about your concerns. Thinking about weaning your baby off the breast, if so, then it is good idea to test baby formulas to see which one your baby is satisfied and content with. If you are counting the pennies why not collect free baby samples of baby formula from the free baby products being offered online. Find out what baby freebies are up for grabs below.

Success in breast feeding results in more content babies. Sore nipples do not normally have to relate to breastfeeding. Persisting symptoms that continue to go beyond the early weeks or develop after months of pain-free breastfeeding can be the result of something other than that of the baby not positioned comfortably. Another known cause for sore breast nipples is the Candida infection. A good way to help prevent sore nipples is to pay more attention to how your new born baby takes to the breast. Babies can develop poor nursing habits if this matter is not corrected.

When you nestle (position) you're baby onto the nipple - double check on how the infant is latching on. If this is correctly done then you will feel the sucking pressure of his or her tongue/gums is on the areola (the pigmented area around the nipple), rather than on the sensitive nipple itself. There is also a possibility that your baby is not getting enough breast tissue into his or her mouth if not comfortable. Certain signs that show the nipples are not far enough back in the baby's mouth during sucking is that of a horizontal red stripe across the tip of the nipple or a temporary indentation at the base.

Babies are too young to let you know if their bellies are filled. What you do not want is the baby's gums chomping at the base of the nipple instead of on the areola over the milk sinuses because they may have difficulty in getting enough milk. Try feeding baby on the side that is least tender. If you need to release the breast that is painful then switch the infant over to that nipple after you have had a milk-ejection reflex. Women say the pain eases after the milk is flowing. Sore nipples do not last forever. Remember by varying the positions from one feeding to the next - changes the distribution of pressure on the areola and nipple during sucking - therefore leaving you bonding with a well fed content baby.

by Maisy Day

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A Baby Footprint Frame Makes A Unique & Special Gift

If you're a proud new parent struggling to come up with gift ideas for your parents or in-laws this Christmas, then a baby footprint frame is a great option. Using a baby footprint kit, it's incredibly easy to take ink prints or impressions of your little one's tiny feet and hands. You can then display these any way you like in a decorative frame, making a beautiful personalized keepsake that is sure to be cherished. Added to this is the fact that baby footprint and handprint crafts are inexpensive to buy, and you're sure to enjoy spending time with baby making your prints. So - you get to save money on expensive gifts, amuse your baby and keep the relatives happy all in one go!

Baby footprint kits are specially made to be baby-friendly, and will include all the materials you'll need, such as non-toxic wipes, acid-free paper or baby-safe impression clay if you choose to make casts of your baby's prints. It's so simple to buy an affordable kit online or from a craft store, there really is no excuse for not taking the time to preserve those tiny prints for posterity. A baby keepsake footprint will be a treasured gift that any close family member will be delighted to receive.

You can have lots of fun making your prints or impressions, and how you choose to present the final results is entirely up to you. Frames come in a range of sizes, colors and finishes. For a bold impact, you could display a single footprint or handprint in a small frame. Alternatively, you could mount a favorite baby photo in the centre and use a series of prints to encircle the picture. Another option is to include a specially-chosen poem that sums up the joys of parenthood.

Once you've made your baby footprint or handprint frames, they make adorable gifts and will be sure to take pride of place on granny's mantelpiece or daddy's office desk!

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Today's Baby Names

One of the most exciting things new parents get to do before the arrival of their child is choose the baby's name. Will it be something popular or unusual? A family name or something original? We will explore the top baby names as well as some of the more unique possibilities to help you choose the perfect name.

Top Baby Names

In the 90s, the most popular name for a boy was Michael. For the past five years, the most common name has been Jacob. Other popular names include Joshua, Matthew, Ethan, Andrew, Daniel, William, Joseph, Gregory, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Christopher. If you are looking for a classic, these baby names have been popular for years.

The most popular name for a girl has not changed in the past fifteen years. It continues to be Emily, and is currently followed by Emma, Madison, Olivia, Hannah, Abigail, Isabella, Ashley, Samantha, and Elizabeth. Except for Ashley and Elizabeth, the popularity of the others is recent and affected by pop culture, especially television shows.

Other sources of popular names are best-selling novels and celebrities. After Gweneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, many people have done the same. The Harry Potter books and the Lord of the Rings movies have also added many names to the list of the most popular.

Unusual Baby Names

One way today's parents have created unusual names for their children is by changing the spelling of a popular name. Variations that are becoming less unusual include Emilie, Elisabeth, Karin, and Erika. Names like Stacy can be spelled in three different ways (Stacy, Stacie, Staci).

Another way to personalize a baby name is to use a nickname as the child's full name. For instance, Ben instead of Benjamin, Jon instead of Jonathan, and Matt instead of Matthew are becoming more common.

Other unusual sources for baby names come from the world around us. The popularity of names such as April and May continues to come and go, while names such as Winter, and Hazel are still unusual. Consider choosing a baby name reminiscient of the time of year when your child will be born or the time of year they were conceived. Fruit, vegetables, colors, and the adjectives that describe them are a good starting point (Pear, Lemon, Azure). Other uncommon names are those of plants and flowers, such as Hyacinth, Daisy, and Fern.

Other ideas to get you thinking:

Names that describe an ideal or a personality, such as Hope, Grace, Prudence, Patience, Temperance, or Chastity, are still unusual although not entirely unique. Other descriptive baby names include Cadence and Candid.

Other unusual names come from sources that are not commonly used today. While Biblical names are popular, Greek mythology is only rarely used. Your child may be the only one in their class to have the name Athena, Minerva, or Pan. Or you could give them a name from another culture, such as the Swedish Carina or the Polish Aleksy.

Baby names from other cultures include:
Anuket - Egyptian mythology
Augustyn - Polish
Crina - Romanian
Dimitriy (Dima) - Russian
Freya - Norse mythology
Hestia - Greek mythology
Kirill - Russian

The possibilities are endless! But as mentioned above, remember that if the source of your baby's name is a television show, novel, or celebrity, the name may not be that unusual when they begin school several years down the road. This is especially true for girls. Look for Apple, Reese, and Uma to be popular over the next five years.

Perhaps you'd like something even more original.

Unique Baby Names

If you don't want your child's name to be the same as anyone else's, you can create a unique baby name. These names can have many sources. The more common methods of creating something original are by the combination of family names or the addition of a syllable or letter to a popular name. An example of the latter is Kylen, a unique girl's name which stems from the boy's name Kyle. Unique baby names which may come from a family name include Stafford, Prestoff, and Kilin. While some people may find these better suited for a middle name, others may prefer their unique nature.

A sampling of unique names:

The Meaning of a Name

For some people, it doesn't matter whether a baby name is popular or unique, it just has to mean a certain thing. Rather than choose a baby name with an obvious connotation such as Spring, Grace, or Rose, they want a name that will bring goodwill to their child through its ancient origin.

Some popular as well as unusual baby names include:
Adelaide (Adelia, Alyssa, Allison) - noble
Albert - bright
Alethea - truth
Beatrice - traveller
Cara - beloved
Colbert - bright
Darwin - friend
Elfleda - beauty
Gertrude - stength
Hannah (Anna) - favor, grace
Henry (Henrietta) - power
Isolde - beauty
Keisha - favorite
Letitia - joy
Manfred - strength
Osmund - protector
Robert (Bob) - fame
Vivian - alive

Tips For Choosing

There are many things to consider when you finally select a baby name. Will this be a name your child can use for life, or will it sound silly when it refers to an adult? Will this name cause your child to be picked on? Will they have to constantly correct people in its pronunciation or spelling, and does this concern you? Are there any stereotypes (good or bad) associated with it?

One last concern is: does it fit with your last name? Generally it sounds better if there are a different number of syllables in the first and last names. Only rarely should the first letter of the first and last names be the same. This is of course more of a concern for boys, as they will keep their name for life. Of course, any decisions about hyphenation in the last name should be made before the first name is chosen.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. After all, you have nine months to make this decision! Leave yourself open to the myriad sources of ideas, and you will find the baby name for you. And of course, if you let people know you're looking, friends, family members, and even coworkers might add their own suggestions!

Keep these things in mind, and you will choose a popular, or unusual, or unique baby name that your child will be proud of for life.

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Julie Parker is a successful writer and publisher providing valuable tips and advice on finding the top baby names, unusual baby names, and baby name meanings.

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Popular baby girl names in North and South America

Female names

Region (year) No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10
(2003) [citation needed]
Tânia Larissa Marisa Leila Maria Carla Beatrice Julieta Gabriela Carolina
(2003, among English-speakers) [26]
Emily Emma Madison Sarah Hannah Sydney Megan Ashley Taylor Paige
British Columbia, Canada
(2005) [27]
Emma Emily Olivia Hannah Madison Ava Sarah Ella Isabella Grace
Québec, Canada
(2004) [28]
Lea Rosalie Noemie Laurence Jade Megane Sarah Audrey Camille Coralie
(2005) [29]
Constanza Catalina Valentina Javiera Martina Sofía María Antonia Fernanda Francisca
(2003) [30]
María Ana Marta Susana Alicia Rosa Silvia Graciela Beatriz Norma

Popular baby boy names in North and South America

Male names

Region (year)No. 1No. 2No. 3No. 4No. 5No. 6No. 7No. 8No. 9No. 10
(2003) [citation needed]
(2003, among Anglophones) [26]
British Columbia, Canada
(2005) [27]
Québec, Canada
(2004) [28]
(2005) [29]
(2003) [30]

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Most popular baby girl names in Asia and the Pacifics

Female names

Region (year) No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10
(2005) [2]
Olivia Charlotte Emily Chloe Ella Jessica Isabella Sophie Mia Emma
(2002) [citation needed]
Misaki Aoi Nanami Miu Riko Miyu Moe Mitsuki Yūka Rin
New Zealand
(2003) [3]
Emma Sophie Ella Emily Jessica Hannah Olivia Grace Charlotte Georgia
Philippines [4] Maricel Michelle Jennifer Janice Mary Grace Jocelyn Catherine Mary Anne Rowena Grace

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Most popular baby boy names in Asia and the Pacifics

Asia & Pacific

Male names

Region (year) No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5 No. 6 No. 7 No. 8 No. 9 No. 10
Northern Territory, Australia
(2005) [1]
Jack James Lachlan Benjamin Joshua Ryan John Patrick Samuel William
New South Wales, Australia
(2005) [2]
Jack Lachlan William Joshua Thomas James Ryan Daniel Matthew Samuel
(2002) [citation needed]
Shun Takumi Shō Ren Shōta Sōta Kaito Kenta Daiki
New Zealand
(2003) [3]
Joshua Jack Benjamin Samuel Daniel Jacob Ethan James Thomas Matthew
Philippines [4] Michael Ronald Ryan Joseph Joel Jeffrey Marlon Richard Noel Jonathan

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How to Introduce New Foods to Your Baby

One of the great challenges of new motherhood is how to feed your baby. At the beginning of your child's life, you must decide whether to breastfeed, bottle-feed, or use a combination of the two methods. However, once your newborn baby matures and its time to stop breast feeding, you face another challenge: How can you introduce new foods into your little one's diet? As you might expect, there are a number of factors that go into such an undertaking.


Timing is critical in just about everything, but particularly when it comes to introducing solids into your baby's diet. Theoretically, you can begin solid feedings any time between four and six months-although some pediatricians recommend that you wait even longer. A baby's digestive system simply cannot digest solids until he or she approaches the half-birthday mark. If you wait until your baby is ready, you will lessen the risk of an allergic reaction. You'll also shorten the transition period between spoon- and self-feeding.

There are certain things you should look for when determining whether your baby is ready for solids. For instance, he or she will need good head control. In addition, your baby must sit up well and must not use the tongue to push food out of the mouth. Your baby must be making chewing motions and demonstrate a growing appetite.

A Test Run

Consider doing a test run with your baby. For instance, start with a little bit of dry rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk. The portion should be small enough to fit on the tip of a spoon. Begin with a once-a-day feeding, and then build onto that. Before you add any other solid foods, your baby should be able to consume about a half-cup of cereal each day.

When is Baby Full?

There are certain tricks you can use to determine when baby is full. For instance, if your baby leans back in his or her wooden baby high chair, turns his or her head away from the food, and begins playing with the spoon, he or she may not want anything more to eat. The most important factor here is that you be patient and observe your baby's actions. You will know when the time is right to introduce new foods.

Article by: Michelle O'Connor, Maternity Dresses

Announce Your New Bundle Of Joy With Cute Baby Boy Announcements

I recently had the most strong and wonderful experience of my life. I gave birth to a wonderful, sweet little boy. Although he can not say anything but 'ga', and seems unable to really control his arms and legs that well, I have confidence that when he is older, he will grow in to a fully functional adult just like his father is.

And so, in spite of the fact that my little bundle of joy does not do much besides lie around all day, and is not much of a talker, I thought that it was important to send out baby boy announcements to all of my friends as soon as possible so that they could come by and meet little Johnny.

When I picked out my baby boy announcements, I certainly needed to take my time. I am particular in all things, especially important ones. There is nothing in this world that is more important than presenting a good appearance to friends, colleagues, and anyone you might pass on the street, and whether it is clothes or baby boy announcements, appropriate care must be taken to pick out just the perfect thing. Fortunately, the internet was chock full of baby boy birth announcements, and so there was an sufficient selection to satisfy even the most demanding consumer, such as myself. Yet, after hours and hours at the computer, I could not find quite the perfect baby boy announcements.

A lot of them had that perfect cutesy cheerful writing, some of them even printed, and they had those adorable pictures of little boys in blue diapers playing with kitties and balloons, but none of these letters seemed to express the full extent of my emotions, although they did come close. I had thought that I would have to cooperation and settle for some second rate baby boy announcements, when I saw it the perfect one.

On the surface, the baby boy announcement was much like all of the others. Like most of the baby boy announcements available, it had the same bubbly script, the same pale blues and purples, the same adorable little thing sucking his thumb. To tell you the truth, what made this one different from all of the other baby boy announcements was the look in the eyes of the cat he was playing with. Of all of the baby boy announcements, this was the only one where the cat was looking straight out at whoever was holding the card, and the sweet look in its catlike eyes completely charmed me.

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9 Tips For Choosing Baby Clothing

Shopping for baby clothing can be a fun and enjoyable time, and shopping online has never been easier. There are more styles, colors, and bargains than ever before. As the fall season rapidly approaches, get ready for brand new styles and colors. Now, with just a click of your mouse, you can enter a world of exciting fashions to show off your little one in style!

As the weather starts to change, you will be looking at light jackets and heavier clothes. You want your little one to stay warm, but you do not want him to feel constrained. With this fall's easy styles, you can effortlessly find just what you are looking for. Pastel shades are in this season, and you can set off their subtlety by mixing and matching colors and styles. You can coordinate for a dressier look or mix colors and get casual. There is something for everyone.

Here are some tips to choose the best baby clothing for your little one:

1. Make a list of what you need before you start to shop online. It is easy to get carried away when you see all those enticing styles and colors.

2. Decide how much you can spend before you shop. Do this for the same reason as above.

3. One important thing to remember is that infants will grow fast! Keep this fact in mind when you buy for them. Try to buy a size larger if you can. Allow for shrinkage on some fabrics, especially denim. You will get more wear out of the clothes this way.

4. Take advantage of sales and bargains whenever you can. Even if an item is a couple of sizes too big, your child will soon grow into it.

5. When buying baby clothing, it is important to be practical. Remember your little one is still in diapers, so be sure the garments you buy are easy for you to just slip off for easy diaper changing of your infant.

6. When it comes to sleepwear, look for garments that are flame retardant or tight-fitting cotton. These types of pajamas, nightgowns and robes offer the most in fire safety.

7. Be careful of "buttons and bows." Infants are often restless experimenters and will pull tassels, strings, or just little buttons and appliqués. Everything that can, will go into their mouths! So be stylish, but keep safety in mind when purchasing.

8. Keeping those feet covered: This can be a problem with young children, so one-piece suits are good until they start walking. If baby can pull herself up, she can slip down unless her feet are covered with non-slip soles.

9. A good rule of thumb is to wash all new garments before they are worn. This will make them softer and ensure they are completely clean and dust free before use.

Now you can really enjoy shopping for baby clothing and enjoy all the attention your little one will get when others see him in the latest fall styles and colors. Put the fun back into shopping when you shop online with WebClothes offers a complete line of exciting styles and colors at affordable prices. Check out the special "bargain bin" and save even more money!

by IPRWire Staff Writer

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Founded in December 1997, was one of the first online Baby Clothing retailers. The founders combined have over 50 years of experience in retail children's clothing.

How to Chose Exotic Baby Names

Nowadays, fewer parents are naming their kids with traditional and classic names, trying to find a different, refreshing name for their child. Because of this, finding a really exotic baby name is becoming much harder.

These are some helpful tips that we think may help you find an exotic, yet comfortable name for your child.

Traditional (but Exotic Baby Names): There are still the traditional ways of selecting your baby's name. The first, of course, is using a name that has been in the family for years - perhaps the name of an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent. The other way is to browse through the Baby Names Dictionaries 28,000+ names to select from. Although some of the names are common, you can certainly find some exotic names.

Name meanings: To choose an exotic name, you could decide on what you want your child's name to mean. Baby Names Dictionary has a resource where you can type in what you want your child's name to mean. From there, we will pull out a list of names, both popular and exotic, with that meaning.

Place names: A lot of parents nowadays are using this method to name their child. Some places actually make pretty good names, but because method is becoming popular, naming your child after the place she or he was born may not make a very uncommon name anymore. Places like Colorado, Phoenix, Denver or Salem are some popular names for boys. As for the girls, Paris, Vienna, Asia and Atlanta are some of the preferred names.

Names from nature: Words from nature are also a unique way of naming your kids. That way, the beauty of that word is in your child's name. How about something like Raine, Leaf, Sky or Dew?

Using a surname as a first name for exotic baby names is also another method of naming that is becoming more and more common. It means taking the surnames of your ancestors, famous people, or anyone of your choice and using it as a first name. Like for girls, some popular surnames used as first names are McCartney, Bronte, Liotta and Piper. For boys, Beckett, Addison, Brewster, Donovan and Jenson are popular.

Anagrams: Want an exotic name for your child but there are a few traditional ones that you really like? Take that name and create an anagram of it. Use scrabble tiles from the game and shift the letters or add a few more. Be creative. Let your imagination run wild.

Telescoping: Take the name and drop letters until you've found a name you like. Kahlil and Gibran can be combined and then telescoped to Kabran. Schuyler can be telescoped to become Sky. Get the picture?

You can name your child after their father. For example, if the father's name is Donald, his son can be Doni or his daughter, Donnie. The name John can be changed to Joanie, Joanna or Jonalie.

Naming a boy after his mother's maiden name is one way of doing it. You could change the mother's name to a suitable name for a boy. Like Mary, you could alter it to Martin, Matt, Mason or Marren. Or if it's a girl you could name her Marii, Marinne or Marine.

Name or word combinations: This means a name taken from combining two other names; most of the time it's from the child's parents or grandparents. For instance, let's say a couple, Ridge and Brooke, have a baby girl. They could combine their names together and name her Bridgette. This may not be very unique, but you get the idea. A better example would be David and Trina. (Davina) This way, you get an unusual name for your child and at the same time, you can honor a family member.

Change the spelling: Make an ordinary name more unusual by changing the spelling. Like Caitlin, it can become CaitLin. You could change Rianne to RiAnne. Or, you also could add an apostrophe, and Janet becomes J'Nette/J'Net.

Unique names are fun, different and anything goes! Its only limitation is your imagination. Names are inspired from everywhere, from fashion designers to colors to months. June and April make nice names for girls. Azure, Gray and Burgundy are also great names. Countries or states like Dakota or Carolina are also used. But remember, with every pro, there's a con.

Names that are very complicated to pronounce or spell, although it makes them stand out, it also brings aggravation to your child because they would have to constantly correct the spelling or pronunciation for the rest of their life.

Oh yeah, and also, giving a boy a girl's name or vice versa is something you absolutely do not want to do. Imagine the amount of teasing he or she would get from their classmates. Not something you would want for your child, to be laughed at and teased.

Overall, unique names are not a bad thing. Just be kind to your child and choose wisely.

by Anita Eracybab

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Anita provides free advice on her site and has established an online community for those looking for information on how to care for their baby. Head on over to for more information on Exotic Baby Names.

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How to Choose Petite Maternity Clothing That Will Fit You Just Right

If you are among those who have a petite frame, finding the right petite maternity clothes must be tough. To find appropriate clothes that minimize your growing waistline and bust line is necessary. This is where especially tailored maternity clothing comes as a blessing. Over the years, maternity clothes have diversified into a number of styles. These designs cater to every body type and size. Nowadays, you will find that tops, blouses, jeans, pants, skirts and evening dresses for pregnant women come in petite sizes.

What Types of Clothes to Wear and When - How to Select the Right Items

Wearing clothes with the right fit becomes even more important when you have a small frame. One has to keep in mind several points to dress smart. In the first trimester, you can wear most of your pre-pregnancy wear. Be careful not to wear form-fitting or tight jeans as this might harm the growing baby. Pants and skirts with elastic waists, dresses without a waistline, oversized clothing serves as wonderful maternity wear. This transitional clothing will come into use again after the baby is born and before you return to your pre-pregnancy size.

From the fifth month onwards, you will need to wear maternity clothes. We suggest you buy monochromatic tops and bottoms designed specially for petite women. The single color effect will make you appear taller and give you a slimmer look. Choose boat-neck or high-neck tops. This will emphasize your slim shoulders and give you a narrower effect. Avoid horizontal stripes especially in the later half of your pregnancy.

For a casual look, you could buy a good pair of black pants, a short or long black skirt, and a pair of twill or denim pants. Another good option you might want to try is a cotton/spandex jumpsuit that hugs your body and has a little extra room in the middle.

When choosing a maternity evening dress for a special occasion, buy a full-length one instead of a short or knee-length one. This will add to your height and frame your figure. Try not to go in for layered clothing when you are selecting petite size maternity clothes. Try out a slim silhouette instead. Many manufacturers are coming out with innovative designs of maternity clothes for the petite woman. A common choice for a special dress is the classic black number. This has been modified into a long sleeved, full-length, body-hugging style, which looks chic and glamorous.

How to Wear It Right!

Apart from buying petite size maternity clothes, one should remember a few things. Never buy clothes with big and heavy prints. Choose light and airy fabrics that will give you a fresh look. Wearing the right accessories is also crucial to looking great. A person who has a short frame should wear long necklaces and delicate jewelry. Never use over size bags as these can make you look bulky. Loosely knotted scarves are a good idea to give a dramatic effect.

With the right planning and eye towards colors, patterns and comfort - you will find the right fashionable maternity clothing for you!Article by Michelle O'Connor, Old Navy Maternity

How to Introduce New Foods to Your Baby

One of the great challenges of new motherhood is how to feed your baby. At the beginning of your child's life, you must decide whether to breastfeed, bottle-feed, or use a combination of the two methods. However, once your newborn baby matures and its time to stop breast feeding, you face another challenge: How can you introduce new foods into your little one's diet? As you might expect, there are a number of factors that go into such an undertaking.


Timing is critical in just about everything, but particularly when it comes to introducing solids into your baby's diet. Theoretically, you can begin solid feedings any time between four and six months-although some pediatricians recommend that you wait even longer. A baby's digestive system simply cannot digest solids until he or she approaches the half-birthday mark. If you wait until your baby is ready, you will lessen the risk of an allergic reaction. You'll also shorten the transition period between spoon- and self-feeding.

There are certain things you should look for when determining whether your baby is ready for solids. For instance, he or she will need good head control. In addition, your baby must sit up well and must not use the tongue to push food out of the mouth. Your baby must be making chewing motions and demonstrate a growing appetite.

A Test Run

Consider doing a test run with your baby. For instance, start with a little bit of dry rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk. The portion should be small enough to fit on the tip of a spoon. Begin with a once-a-day feeding, and then build onto that. Before you add any other solid foods, your baby should be able to consume about a half-cup of cereal each day.

When is Baby Full?

There are certain tricks you can use to determine when baby is full. For instance, if your baby leans back in his or her wooden baby high chair, turns his or her head away from the food, and begins playing with the spoon, he or she may not want anything more to eat. The most important factor here is that you be patient and observe your baby's actions. You will know when the time is right to introduce new foods.

Article by: Michelle O'Connor, Maternity Dresses

Unusual Baby Boy Names - Finding Exotic And Unique Baby Names

Unusual baby boy names and finding exotic and unique baby names can be loads of fun! Rather than giving your baby boy a name like Jacob, John or Harry, you would prefer him have one of the more exotic and unique baby names.

There are several ways to find unusual baby boy names. Here are some suggestions:

1. Start with the most popular names being given to baby boys. For parents living in the USA, you can easily find this kind of information by visiting the Social Security Administration's website (click on the link at the bottom of this page to go to the direct link to the SSA baby names search). See which names that are popular are also unusual baby boy names. You can view the most popular names for the past year, boy names given since the year 2000 or by decade in the previous century. It may surprise you how many exotic and unique baby names you can find this way.

2. Look at your own family names and see if using any name combinations create unusual baby names you like. Ask other family members for their suggestions, even invite your friends to give you their opinions. Does a relative have names you like? Do be careful if the names are already used. Ask other family members to be sure your favorite unusual baby names are not given to relatives. It can become confusing in families when two people have the same names.

3. Consider the unusual baby boy names used in the classics. Literary classics are a great source of exotic and unique baby names. Be careful when considering modern names used by this years top male movie stars. Will that popular actor still be in the headlines 3, 5, 10 or more years from now? By using the classics for possible names, you know that these names have withstood the test of time.

4. Visit your local library or bookstore and browse the pregnancy and parenting sections. You will likely find several books in various price ranges that provide you with many unusual baby boy names to consider.

5. Search for exotic and unique baby names online. There are many baby websites with listings and resources for baby names.

Remember, your childs names will be used their entire life, so think how their names will sound and feel once they are grown. Do not let the joy of their infancy cause you to give them a name that they won't be proud of once they are older. Stay away from funny names. Choose his name carefully, a name that will have meaning and significance to you and your child.

Have fun and enjoy viewing and choosing your childs names. Provide them with unusual baby boy names that will add to their success and happiness in life. Take your time and find names you truly love. You will find at some point, there is no doubt about what your new baby boy names will be. When it happens - congratulations! Enjoy and celebrate the moment. You will know it was worth every minute spent looking for unusual baby boy names for that unique and very special person.

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Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

With all the changes during pregnancy, it is easy to overlook the changes happening to your feet. During pregnancy the expectant mother's feet can swell a size or two. This is caused by the extra weight she is carrying and by hormonal changes helping areas of the body to spread for the upcoming birth. Knowing which shoes to choose for ease and comfort can be tricky...what's the best choice?

With the swelling of the expectant mothers feet, it is a very wise decision to get shoes that comfortably fit this new size and offer her the excellent back support she will need. Staying in her "normal" sized shoes can cause unwanted problems including bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, blisters, and just plain discomfort. (Another popular option for comfort during pregnancy is the pregnancy pillow - to aid in better sleep). Below we cover several options for the expectant mother.

Tennis Shoes
Lace-up tenis shoes can be good during the first months of pregnancy. Their comfort and support can be unmatched and very welcoming with the added weight that is rapidly approaching. However, lace-up shoes can be a challenge when the belly gets bigger and bending down to tie the laces gets tougher.

High Heels
Even pregnant women want to dress up! However, heels should by all means, be a last choice. Heels change posture and can add stress to her already stressed body. To keep the lower back from feeling added pain during this time, it is best that an expectant mother stay away from shoes with a 2-inch heel or higher.

Wearing sandals during pregnancy can be a needed change from closed toe shoes. The sandals should be comfortable and should offer excellent support in the arch. Some flip-flop manufacturers, such as Sanuk â , are adding very good supports for their beach footwear.

Slip on shoes will be a great accessory when bending over becomes a chore. The solid soles are important for support during this life changing time. The ease with which clogs may be slipped on, and the fasion plus, makes these types of shoes popular during pregnancy.

Slippers / Barefoot
Lounging around the house in her new nursing pajamas and slippers will sound absolutely divine to an expecting mom - especially during the morning sickness stage. If at all possible, she should get slippers with a little wiggle room and more of an arch supported center.

Walking around barefoot can also be a nice change! However, the pregnant mom may want to keep this to a minimum. Being barefoot offers the least amount of support for feet, back, and ultimately baby.

As long as she can keep her feet supported for most of the day, barefeet and slippers can definitely be a way to relax and unwind from the new stresses and pressures on body and mind. By Michelle O'Connor, Stretch Mark Removal

Top 10 Tips to Help Baby Get to Sleep

One of the necessities of parenthood is to find ways to get your baby to go to sleep. A baby that has been awake too long is often a restless baby-and one that might keep you up as well. If you are a new parent at your wit's end about how to get your child off to dreamland, here are some tips to help you get through those wakeful nights:

Limit Daytime Sleep
It is critically important that your newborn does not get too much sleep during the daytime. Otherwise, he or she might have real trouble getting to sleep at night.

Keep the Room Dark
Make sure that the room that your child is trying to get to sleep in is sufficiently dark. Otherwise, it might be difficult for your baby to relax.

Consider Nursing Your Baby to Sleep
This is a tried-and-true way to help your child drift off. A full tummy does wonders...

Sing a Lullaby
The traditional bedtime lullaby may be just what your baby needs to get to sleep. The soothing sound of your voice is often just what baby needs.

Place a Teddy Bear Inside the Baby Crib
With a companion by his or her side, your baby might be more likely to get some shut-eye.
Consider Co-Sleeping

It may be much easier for your baby to get to sleep if you are lying right along side. This helps baby feel comforted. While such a sleeping arrangement may take some getting used to, it can be quite comfortable for both you and baby.

Give Your Baby a Bath
A bath can be incredibly soothing for a young child-so take advantage of it. The warmth can help relax them, and, especially with the advent of the baby seats for the bath, can help relax you too!

Rock Your Baby
Cradle your baby in your arms, sit down in an old-fashioned rocking chair, and try rocking your newborn to sleep. It may be old-fashioned-but it works!

Avoid Solids
If your baby is a little older and is already eating solids, try to avoid serving him or her that helping of sweet potatoes right before bed.

Establish a Bedtime Routine
Experts say such a routine relaxes a child and prepares him or her for bedtime. You can start such a routine quite early in your baby's life. That way, he or she will know what to expect right before it's time to go to sleep.

Article by: Michelle O'Connor, Maternity Insurance

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Some Baby Names and Their Meanings

You can find thousands of baby names if you look hard enough. Just pick up a book on baby names and voila you’ve all ready got more than enough baby names to go around for thousands of people. Following is a listing of some baby names and their meanings for prospective parents to peruse in alphabetical order.

Aida: means helpful in Latin, while in English is an alternate form of Ada, meaning prosperous.

Alana: means attractive or peaceful in Irish and also means offering in Hawaiian. This is a feminine form of Alan.

Alice: means truthful in Greek and noble in German. Other forms of this are Allie, Aili, Aleka, Alisa, Alysa, Elke, and Alica.

Barbara: means stranger or foreigner in Latin. Other forms are Babs, Babe, Babina, Barbaraann, Barbie, Varvara, and Wava.

Berlynn: is a combination of Bertha and Lynn. Bertha meaning bright or illustrious ruler in German. Lynn meaning waterfall or pool below a waterfall in old English.

Cleta: means illustrious in Greek.

Cleo: is a short form of Cleopatra, a Greek name meaning ‘her father’s fame.’

Daniel: means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew. Other forms of it include, Dan, Danial, Dacso, Daneel, Danila, Doniel, and Nelo.

Deanna: means divine in Latin and valley in English. Its also a feminine form of Dean.

Effia: means ‘born on a Friday’ in Ghanian and other forms of it are Effi, and Effy.

Electra: means shining or brilliant in Greek. Another form of it is Elektra.

Ebanezer: means ‘foundation stone’ in Hebrew. Other forms of it are Eb, Ebbaneza, Eban, and Eveneser.

Edward: means ‘prosperous gardian’ in old English. Other forms are Ted, Ned, Teddy, Audie, Duarte, Edko, Edo, Edorta, and Edus.

Ginger: means flower or spice in Latin. It’s a form of Virginia.

George: means farmer in Greek. Other forms are Egor, Jorgen, Geordie, Georgio, and Gevork.

Harlan: means ‘hare’s land’ or ‘army meadow’ in old English.

Hassan: means handsome in Arabic.

Kanoa: means free in Hawaiian.

Katlyn: means pure in Greek.

Lulu: means pearl in Arabic and soothing or comforting in old English. Also means ‘hare’ in some Native American languages.

Mac: means son in Scottish

Michio: means ‘man with the strength of three thousand’ in Japanese.

Persis: means ‘from Persia’ in Latin.

Phyllis: means ‘green bough’ in Greek.

Reagan: means ‘little king’ in Irish.

Remus: means speedy or quick in Latin.

Sherry: means beloved from the French. Other forms of it are Sherey, Sheryl, Sherril, Cheryl.

Teal: means ‘river duck’ in the old English or refers to the color of blue-green.

Tawny: means ‘little one’ from an old Gypsy term or refers to the brownish, yellow color.

William: means ‘determined guardian’ in old English. Other forms are Guillaume, Liam, Ville, Welfel, Willem, Willyam, and Wim.

These names come from all over and you’ll find that you come across them or versions of them in daily life.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. Tons of Baby Names, plus the baby name origin, meaning, baby facts, educational toys, bargains and more!
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Stylish Maternity Clothes

You are expecting a baby and you may be feeling a bit uncomfortable and none too sexy, but it need not be that way. Put down the oversized shirt and step away from the frumpy dress. Maternity clothes have actually become quite fashionable in recent decades. They do not have to be dumpy and frumpy and they do not have to scream, “Pregnant lady coming!”

There are now a plethora of styles and colors that the expectant mother can choose from. Maternity clothing now comes in a surprisingly large number of designs and colors. There are now so many choices available in maternity clothing that you are virtually assured of finding something to your liking.

No need to learn circus tents as maternity clothes anymore. Women of all shapes and sizes are demanding more from maternity clothes and the designers are hearing them loud and clear. If you are shopping for maternity clothes now be prepared to be there for awhile because there are a lot of choices to be made.

The good news is that you are no longer limited in what you can buy and you are not limited in what you can wear. Younger moms-to-be are wearing outfits that show off their baby-bellies. There are now maternity clothes manufactured to show off the expectant moms bare midriff.

Most of us are not quite so brave and prefer our maternity clothes to cover our tummies. There are still plenty of choices to the had. Shirts do not have to wear like tarps. They can be formfitting while somehow being flattering to the rather robust figure.

Different women have different shapes, of course. Some of us carry our weight on the bottom and some of us are top heavy. It wasn't too long ago that maternity clothes didn't even bother taking that into account. It was basically a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. The focus was on the belly and this actually made the garments accentuate the feature. Today’s maternity clothes are designed are specifically designed to flatter the different shapes and figures that are unique to would-be moms.

It would seem that bright colors are in now and maternity clothes will reflect that as well. For many years maternity clothes were for some inexplicable reason, drab and colorless. Say goodbye to black, white and beige and say hello to purple, pink and lime green. Color brings life to the once dreaded maternity clothes and in its cheer, at least I think so. There are so many different styles and colors that he really I can have quite a bit of fun making your choices.

Morgan Hamilton offers his findings and insights regarding the world of fashion. You can get interesting and informative information here at Maternity Clothes

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Popular Baby Names

Are you looking for cute baby names? This article explains the meaning and history of the 50 most popular baby names in the United States this year.

25 Most Popular Names for BOYS

1 (most popular). Jacob is a biblical name, which has its origins in the Hebrew language.

Jacob means 'supplanter' or 'one who grasps the heel;' this is because the biblical Jacob was born holding his twin brother's heel.

2. Michael is a biblical name, which means 'who is like God.' The bearer of this name in the bible is the leader of heaven's armies, and so is considered the patron saint of soldiers.

3. Joshua is from the Hebrew language, and means 'savior.' In the bible Joshua was chosen to lead the Isrealites as the successor to Moses.

4. Matthew is a biblical name, meaning 'given,' or 'reward.' Matthew was one of the 12 apostles, and wrote the first Gospel in the New Testament regarding the life of Jesus.

5. Andrew is a biblical name which means 'manly' and 'brave.' In the bible Andrew was the first apostle, and is the patron saint of Scotland and of Russia.

6. Joseph is a biblical name meaning 'addition,' or 'increase.'

7. Ethan is the name from the Old Testament. It means 'solid, strong,' and 'constancy, enduring.'

8. Daniel means 'God is my judge.' In the Old Testament Daniel was a prophet.

9. Christopher is a Latin name, and it means 'bearing Christ,' or 'he who holds Christ in his heart.' When Jesus was a child, Saint Christopher is believed to have carried him across a river.

10. Anthony is a Latin name which means 'flower,' from the Greek word anthos, or 'priceless.'

11. William has its origins in the German language, and means 'helmet, protection.' This is also the first name of Mr. Shakespeare.

12. Ryan is an Irish name in origin, which means 'little king

13. Nicholas is a Greek name which means 'the people's victory.' St. Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus, is the patron saint of children and merchants.

14. David is a Hebrew name meaning 'beloved,' or 'dear.' In the Old Testament David was the second king of Israel.

15. Tyler is derived from an Old English surname which was used to denote one's occupation as a 'tile layer.'

16. Alexander is derived from the Greek. It means 'defender of men.'

17. John is a biblical name; owned by John the Baptist and John the apostle. John means 'gracious,' or 'mercy of the Lord.'

18. James is a Hebrew name, and a derivative of the common name Jacob. James means 'to supplant.'

19. Dylan is a Welsh name and means 'sea,' or 'Son of the wave.'

20. Zachary is an English variant on the Hebrew name Zachariah, which means 'remembered by God.'

21. Brandon is an English name of a place, which meant 'hill covered with broom;' broom is a weed. Brandon is also a variant of the Irish name Brendan, which either means 'prince,' or 'stinking hair.'

22. Jonathan is a biblical name which means 'given of God.'

23. Samuel is a Hebrew name, held by a prophet in the Old Testament. It means 'God has heard.'

24. Christian meand 'follower of Christ,' and has origins in many languages and cultures.

25. Benjamin is a Hebrew name appearing in the Old Testament; it means 'son of the right hand.'

25 Most Popular Names for GIRLS

1. Emily has its origins in Latin, and means 'industrious' in French and German as well.

2. Emma has German and English origins, and means 'whole,' or 'universal' in both languages.

3. Madison is an English surname derived either from the name Matthew, meaning 'gift,' or is derived from the name Matilda, meaning 'strong fighter.'

4. Hannah is a Hebrew name which means 'gracious,' and 'merciful.'

5. Olivia is a derivative of the Latin word 'olive,' which is a symbol of peace.

6. Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning 'Father's joy.'

7. Alexis is from the Greek; it means 'helper,' or 'defender.'

8. Ashley is an English name that means 'she dwells in the ash tree grove.'

9. Elizabeth is a biblical name; the mother of John the Baptist in the New Testament. Elizabeth means 'oath of God.'

10. Samantha is a feminine form of the name Samuel. Samantha means 'listener.'

11. Isabella means 'devoted to God' in Hebrew. It is also supposed to be a Spanish variant on the name Elizabeth.

12. Sarah is the biblical wife of Abraham and mother Issac, the name Sarah means 'princess.'

13. Grace is an English name meaning 'God's favor.'

14. Alyssa, according to the Greek tradition, means rational.

15. Lauren means 'from the place of Laurel trees,' which in Greek culture are symbols of honor and victory.

16. Kayla means 'keeper of the keys,' or 'pure' in both English and Greek.

17. Brianna is from Celtic, meaning 'she who ascends,' or 'strong.'

18. Jessica has Shakespearean origins, first appearing in its modern form in the play 'The Merchant of Venice.'

19. Taylor was an English surname denoting the occupation of tailor.

20. Sophia is from the Greek, and means 'wise.'

21. Anna was used in the Native American Algonquin tribe to mean 'mother,' and also holds the meaning 'grace' in many languages, including Russian.

22. Victoria was the Roman goddess of victory, and the name consequently means 'victorious.'

23. Natalie is derived from the Latin, and means 'born at Christmas.'

24. Chloe means 'green shoot' in Greek. The name also appears in the bible.

25. Sydney means 'from Saint-Denis,' or 'wide-island.' The name has traceable origins in French and in English.

Monica Nelson writes articles that answer womens health questions such as what are common pregnancy symptoms, which pregnancy tests are more accurate, what are popular baby names which weightloss programs really work, and other topics of interest to women.

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A Baby Footprint Makes A Great Baby Shower Invitation

If you are like many people you can easily get stuck when it comes to the baby shower invitation. Finding the location, creating the guest lists and buying a cake can seem easy compared to picking the right invitation. The baby shower invitation will be the first impression that the guests will have of the event. It is therefore important to convey a message through the baby shower invitation. One really fun and very popular way to do this is use a baby footprint in the invitation. It is hard to resist the charm of a tiny little baby footprint. Baby shower invitations with a footprint are so irresistible be will just have to come to the shower.

So here are some creative ideas that you can use in creating your own baby shower footprint invitation.

1. Printed - A simple printed baby footprint can be a ton of fun. You can use a silhouette of a baby footprint to make the design. This will show the heel, toes and side of the foot. It will look as if a baby stepped in ink and then stamped the card with their feet. You can find clip art online by searching, use a stamp, use a real baby or even just freehand draw your own.

To put a little action into the baby shower footprint invitation you can make a series of footprints and make them decrease in size from large to smaller. This will give the illusion that the person leaving the prints is walking into the card. This is a great way to draw the attention of the viewer into the card and then place your important text information right above this.

2. Stamps - Stamping has become a very popular craft and is use widely among printers and crafters in the business of making invitations. You can easily purchase baby footprint stamps of varying sizes from your local craft store or on the Internet. These can make a fun and fancy decoration to the invitation. There are so many things you can do by varying the colors, size of the stamp and the paper the possibilities are really endless.

For example pick a cute pink (for girls) or a blue (for boys) ink pad and stamp a tiny border made up of footprints all around the invitation. Don’t worry to much about making them all straight or in line just have fun and stamp at random. This will give the invitation a light fun feeling.

As an alternative you can purchase a large stamp and simply stamp a big filled in silhouetted image smack dab in the middle of the invitation. Then you can creatively with fun colored pens write all around the footprint following the outline of it. This makes another fun creative and even whimsical invitation.

3. Embossing - This is where the baby footprint is raised from the page. There are two types of embossing. The first is by using a professional printer and paying to have the cards done. A printer can actually emboss the paper and have a raised footprint right in the paper. A baby footprint embossed onto a beautifully textured pure white piece of paper can look very elegant!

If you are the do it yourself type it is very easy to purchase an embossing powder in stamping or craft store. These come in all kinds of fun colors but often gold or silver embossing powder can look very elegant! With embossing powder you will need a stamp and some ink. You start by stamping the invitation with the baby footprint stamp first. Then before the ink dries you poor some of the embossing powder on the stamped area. The embossing powder will stick tot he wet ink. You can then hold the piece of paper over a light bulb or use an embossing gun to heat the powder. Once it gets hot it will melt and adhere to the paper. This makes a fun and easy way to have a very elegant gold embossed baby footprint shower invitation.

4. Cut Out - With this technique you will want to find some stiff paper. Then you will pencil in an outline of a baby footprint and cut it out. You can also make a simple stencil suing a file folder and then quickly trace around the stencil and cut out to speed up the process and make the results more uniform. Then on the baby of the cut out footprint you can write all of your important baby shower details. Where it will take place, RSVP information and so forth.

Either way that you choose the important thing to remember is to have fun in creating the baby shower invitation footprint. Get some friends to help you if you plan on making your own invitations as this will speed up the entire process. It can also be more fun with a group of girlfriends around a table talking and having a good time then cutting 25 baby shower footprint invitations all by yourself.

As an addition to the fun, baby shower footprint invitation, it can be lots of fun to continue with the footprint theme in decorating for the part. You can use the same stamps and decorations that you used on the invitation in other places to decorate for the shower.

About the Author:Have the best baby shower! Baby Shower Guide: themes, invitations and more. For more info try Baby Shower Footprint InvitationsRead more articles by: Sam Smith Article Source:

Baby Shower Ideas: Planning Help For Your Showers

A baby shower is a very special event celebrating the addition of a newborn family member. This is usually done by a group of close friends of the future mother to be. Such events are mainly for gift giving which make it awkward for a family member of the mother to be to host such an event.

This can be done a month or two before the arrival of the baby or right after the baby is born.

Invitations should symbolize the birth of the future baby. One can get an invitation that has been made by a card company but for it to be special, it is best to choose the design then have it custom made.

Just like any other invitation, it should have the name of the person to be invited, when and where the event will take place, the contact number of the one hosting the event, the gender of the baby and the theme of the party.

The invitations should be given out a month to a month and half prior to the event. This will give people time to make plans for that day and pick the right gift.

Since the party has to have a theme, there are many to choose from and it all depends on the gender of the baby.

If it is a boy, an example of a good theme is a sailboat. The place can be setup with all sorts of boats both big and small. The punch bowl used for the cocktail can also have one that has a centerpiece. The most important thing for this kind of theme is the name of the baby which can be highlighted using an inner tube or any other object that will suit the occasion.

If it is a girl, an example of a good theme is a cookie. The theme is based on the poem that tells how little girls are made which usually come from sugar and spice and everything nice. It is like have a tea party with lot of cookies around as well as cooking recipes and jars with various ingredients like chocolate chip and peanuts. The name of the girl can be highlighted in the form of a giant cookie.

What if the parents have not decided on the name of the baby yet? This too can be another good idea. The baby shower can help the parents decide on the baby’s name. The place can be decorated with letters of the alphabet and games can be made to help people think of possible names.

Some parents don’t want to know the gender of the baby until the baby comes out. Others keep the guests in suspense. Another idea for a party is only letting the people the sex of the baby at the party. An ultrasound can be brought in so everyone will be able to find out all together what the baby is.

Another way to have fun is to let the guests play a Girl or Boy Quiz. The questions are designed to determine the sex of the baby.

There are other ideas and themes to make the shower a memorable occasion. It just takes some planning and little imagination to make this baby shower stand out over others that people have gone to.

The host can do alone, plan it with other friends or get a professional to help out.

About the Author:

Visit today and download your free report on baby shower invitations and baby shower favors.

Read more articles by: Jennifer Adair

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Plus Size Maternity Clothes - Keep Baby And Mom Comfortable

So you’re having a baby and you were a little overweight when you found out and now you have visions of more weight and the worry of finding something to fit. Well don’t despair, enjoy your pregnancy because there are lots of plus size maternity clothes sold on the market today. They can make you look good at the office or at home, at an elegant party or a casual affair. You just have to know where to find the maternity clothes you want.

The Internet is the best place to start your shopping experience for plus size maternity clothes.

In fact some sites will give you tips on what to expect and how to handle the changes you will be going through.

The online market offers beautiful swimwear that you can purchase in maternity wear. A plus size tankini wears very well during pregnancy. This type of plus size maternity clothes covers your tummy and gives you a look of style and fashion. You need to look as good as you feel when you are pregnant.

From swim wear to lingerie, from formal to casual, there is enough plus size maternity wear offered on the Internet sites to keep you in flattering fashion from the time of conception to the delivery.

Check out the sweaters that flow from your neck to down past your hips. These items of plus size maternity wear are extremely good at hiding the fact that you are carrying more than your normal weight. If you’re stepping out on a cool evening, try a shawl that goes over the head and hangs below the hips. Plus size maternity clothes can make you look great in your pregnancy, so you don’t have to hide yourself.

In plus size maternity clothes you will find a wide variety of pants and shorts in all kinds of fabric, most of which are very stretchable and will expand as you grow while keeping you very comfortable. Some of these maternity pants have panels in the front made especially for the growing belly and the same applies to the make of the shorts.

So relax and enjoy your pregnancy. The plus size maternity clothes are there for you to keep you fashionable and comfortable all the way through even to sexy lingerie. Remember you won’t need maternity wear forever although it may seem like it in the last few months.

Plus size maternity clothes, look good while you’re waiting for baby to arrive.
For a website totally devoted to Plus Size Clothing visit Peter's Website Plus Size Clothing Ideas and find out about Plus Size Maternity Clothes as well as Plus Size Swimwear and more, Plus Size Bras, Plus Size Dresses, Plus Size Lingerie, Wedding Gowns and Shoes.

by Peter Crump
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Expensive baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are given as a way to thank guests for attending the party. For a very special thank you a hostess may consider using expensive baby shower favors. If the money is available, expensive baby shower favors can be anything from candles to chocolates. There are many options when it comes to stepping up the party with expensive baby shower favors.

Most baby shower favors are personalized in some way. Getting items personalized can be expensive and many times people simply use a label they have printed themselves, but if money is not a consideration then personalization can get fun. There are many expensive baby shower favors online that offer great personalization effects. A person could get candles made with the shower date, parents names and a thank you on them. They could get small embroidered sachets with the same information, too. There are many options when cost is not a factor.

Another expensive baby shower favors idea is to get special made favors. Gourmet treats are a great idea with special made packaging with the party information on it. If there is a theme a person could get favors relating to the theme special made. Special ordering things, though, takes time, so a hostess should be sure to plan far enough in advance of the shower.

Expensive baby shower favors just go an extra step to tell guests how appreciated they are. While favors do not have to be expensive, if expensive baby shower favors can be afforded they make for a nice addition to the party.

by Tim Brandt

About the author

For more information concerning baby showers, please visit, a website that specializes in baby showers and finding expensive baby shower favors

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How To Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy - Maternity Pillows!

Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy is a common occurrence among women. Many factors contribute to the sleeplessness and discomfort at bedtime.

Histamines in the body are much higher for pregnant women. This is a result of a rise in hormones such as estrogen and prolactin in the body. Some women complain of being extremely itchy at night and the stretching of the skin around the ever-growing belly may contribute to the discomfort. Lotions such as coco butter and creams enriched in vitamin E may help remedy the itchy skin but it does not really take care of all the sleeping issues.

Because of the weight gain, which can be anywhere from 25 to 55 pounds, many women experience moderate to severe back pain. Stomach lying and back lying are out of the question and the only other position would be side lying. This can be painful on the pelvic bones, as well as the hips. Support under the belly and back by way of a maternity pillow is definitely needed to alleviate much of the problem.

Traditional body pillows are soft and usually long like the letter 'I'. Pregnancy is a unique time during which the belly and back both need supporting. Many of these pregnancy body pillows feature adjustable straps and other amenities that appeal to pregnant women. They may be scented with lavender or other herbs to help the mother-to-be relax. They also come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

There are plenty of different styles of body pillows specifically designed for pregnancy. There are U shaped pillows, designed to support belly, back and knees. Without the unique shape of the U pillow, another pillow can be placed between the knees to mimic the support of the U. Some pregnant women feel that this particular pillow can be too large and prefer a smaller, yet supportive one.

If cost is an issue, there are styles that range from as low as thirty dollars and others that may cost upwards of $150. The Snoozer, for example, costs $154 and boasts it has down filling and total body support. The product also tells of its patented design, which aligns the spine and hips for ultimate comfort. The more affordable Maternity Pillow priced at around $48.89, is filled with premium hypoallergenic polyfill. It has a 100% cotton cover and the entire pillow is machine washable for easy care.

The median pillow, which is priced at $75.50, is called the Sleeping Bean Natural Kapok Body Pillow. This pillow extends to an extra long five and a half feet! This pillow is filled with a material called Kapok, which is found in the rainforest and can hold its shape better than most pillow fillings. The kapok is harvested from pods by indigenous peoples and proves to be a source of employment for them. Maternity pillows with a conscience! For the frugal and crafty expectant mother, there are even sewing patterns that can be purchased to create her very own unique looking maternity pillow out of whichever fabrics of her choosing.

Whatever sleeping aids an expectant mother chooses, there is no question that sound sleep is a necessity to keep her energy up! Pregnancy pillows were created to meet just this need, and, with so many options on the market, there is surely a pillow to meet any body size or shape.

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Unique Baby Names

What's in a name? Er…well, everything, really! Of course your little bundle of joy is the sweetest, most beautiful thing you have ever seen and you want to choose a name that reflects his/her individuality, spirituality, uniqueness and all-round special-ness.

But wait a minute!

Remember that the unique baby name you choose will help define junior's life - how they are viewed and accepted - for many, many years. What sounds cute and original for a 5-year-old, may not sound so funky for a 15-year-old…and what about a 55-year old?

Time was when only celebrities could get away with unique baby names (Zowie Bowie, Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, etc), but in the modern world, individuality is more prized than ever before, and increasingly, this starts with our names. Great idea - but don't allow a flash of a self-indulgence to condemn your child to a lifetime of problems; it's reported that a Chinese couple named their child "Saddam Sars" to mark the current world events at the time of the birth! I just hope it means something nice in Mandarin, or Cantonese!

This probably wouldn't have happened in Germany, where names can only be registered if they recognizable, do not ridicule the child and are gender specific. Perhaps there is at least one Chinese child in the world, who will grow up wishing he/she were German!

So - assuming you are not German - what should you do if you want to create a unique baby name, without creating too many problems? Here are some tips and some warnings to make the process less painful:

1. Anagrams: try creating an anagram of an existing name.

2. Father and Mother: try using derivatives of one of the parents' names, or a combination of both. Alternatively, how does the mother's maiden name sound as a first name?

3. Telescoping: try dropping letters from another name or a word, until you get a nice-sounding unique baby name.

4. Spelling: an unusual spelling of a common name creates uniqueness. However, remember that your child will be condemned to a lifetime of "…that's David spelt D..A..Y..V..I..D…" conversations.

5. Pronunciation: another trick is to pronounce a common name in an unusual way. But this can also lead to a lifetime of corrections and explanations - as well as teasing and accusations of pretentiousness.

6. History: do some research into names that were popular in previous eras, but have become less so.

7. Family History: are there any unusual baby names that can be used to honor family members or ancestors? But beware family politics…

8. Nature: many names come from the natural world, particularly flowers (e.g. Rose) and it's a great source for unique baby names (e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple).

9. Geography: another useful source of great names - grab an atlas and start searching. David and Victoria Beckham called their first son Brooklyn, which many people think is a cool-sounding name. However, it's reported that the choice was made because that's where conception took place. Hmmm, imagine a lifetime in which your name is a constant reminder of your parents having sex! Eeeuuuuww!!!

10. Celebrities: famous people with slightly unusual names are a common source of inspiration. There are lots of teenage "Kylie"s running around the UK since Kylie Minogue's arrival on the music scene at end of the '80's, and her recent resurgence, will have created a second wave of them. And I'm sure many little "Be'yonce"s have been popping up over the last few years. The only problem is that names like these very soon begin to sound a little silly and "wannabe".

11. Foreign Names: consider using a foreign version of a name, e.g., Pedro, instead of Peter. Or try using a name from a completely different culture.

12. Nicknames: try using a nickname e.g. Angie, instead of Angela or Angelina. However, make sure the name is will pass the "age test" - see number 17 below.

13. Middle Names: a great way to accommodate individuality when naming your baby, is to combine a common first name with a unique second/middle name. The benefit of this is that your child can avoid embarrassment throughout his/her life by ignoring it of keeping it hidden.

14. Initials: when you have settled on some baby names, check that the initials aren't embarrassing. This is an easy trap to fall into and can lead to a lifetime of misery. "Zina Indigo" are may be nice sounding names for your lovely daughter, but make sure your surname doesn't begin with "T"!

15. First Name-Surname: check how the selected first name combines with the surname. Make sure the two names do not create some something recognizable, to prevent a lifetime of teasing. Also, check the rhythm of the two names; a different number of syllables in each name usually flows much better. Avoid rhyming the 2 names at all costs or your child will hate you forever!

16. The loudness test: try saying the name softly, at normal pitch and shouting it very loudly. You may be surprised at the results.

17. The age test: try to visualize your child with the name as a baby, as a teenager, as a young adult, a mature adult and as a senior citizen. A name can create completely different perceptions of the individual at separate stages of life.

18. The meaning: the final test of the baby name that you choose should be to check its meaning (if any). Don't leave your child open to getting a nasty surprise later in life.

Whatever unique baby name you decide, don't fall into the trap of self-indulgence. Remember, it's not about you, it's all about your child. Your grand design to celebrate the uniqueness of this new human being, may eventually lead to a lifelong, desperate desire for conformity and anonymity. Even Zowie Bowie eventually changed his name to "Joey"…

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Popular Baby Names In The UK In 2005

Although its popularity is declining, Jack is the most popular boys name again in England and Wales - that's 11 years at the top! However, 14% fewer boys were christened Jack last year, so we could see a change at the top in 2006. In Northern Ireland, Jack was again top and Lewis retained top spot in Scotland, with Jack the runner-up.

Jessica was the most popular girls' name in England and Wales having moved up from third in 2004. Emily, last year's top name, is in the number two spot. Olivia has climbed three places to number four, while Ellie, last year's runner-up has fallen to to sixth place.

In England & Wales climbers in the girls' table were Grace (up 4 to 7), Ruby (up 16 to 15), Evie (up 10 to 29), Phoebe (up 9 to 35), Keira (up 13 to 38) and Scarlett (up 25 to 47). New entries include Sienna at 69, Eva at 78, Demi at 80, Amelie at 82 and Ava at 84. Names to drop out of the top 100 include Jade which has tumbled from position 24 in 2001, Jennifer and Chelsea.

Boys' names are, as always, less volatile. The top four names are unchanged and there is just the one new name in the top 50 - Leo which climbs 20 places to number 37. Other climbers are Mason and Freddie, while Corey, Zachary, Zak and Hayden are new entries. Names to fall out of the top 100 are Tom and Josh. In Scotland the top two boys' names are unchanged. Biggest movers are Callum (up 7 places to number 3), Alexander (up 8 to 17) and Aiden (up 9 to 20).

The top two girls' names have changed places with Sophie moving above Emma in popularity. other changes of note include Leah up 6 to 14, and Lauren down 6 to 20.

In N.Ireland there were few big movers in the boys' table. Biggest faller was Dylan, down 7 at 15, and the biggest climber was Jake, up 9 at 16. Patrick and David are no longer in the top 20.

There was more movement in the girls' names, although the top 2 remained the same. Climbers included Ellie, up 1 to 3; Niamh, up 2 to 5; Hannah, up 6 to 6; Anna, up 6 to 9; and Leah up 8 to 9. Fallers include Chloe down 4 to 12; Rachel down 4 to 14; and Aimee down 9 to 18.

by Tony Luck

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