Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maternity Clothes 101

For today’s mom to be the maternity clothes selection is extensive – unlike decades past when gingham and bows were the only maternity clothes options.
Shopping for maternity clothes can be a daunting task for a new mother to be.

The rule of thumb is to look for maternity clothes in the same size that has been worn pre-pregnancy. Maternity clothes are designed to be roomier in the bust as well as the belly. About the only time a woman might need the next bigger size is if she is expecting twins or has had extra large babies in the past – 9 pounds or more.

Maternity clothes should be pretty basic, made of stretch fabrics such as cotton jersey and some spandex.

Buy no more than two maternity bras at one time because it is very possible for the mother to be to gradually grow several bra and cup sizes over the course of her pregnancy. An expectant mother who is going to breastfeed should not buy nursing bras until the 8th month.

Most pregnant women don’t want to spend money on a ton of maternity clothes and outfits so find themselves wearing the same few things over and over again for several months. It’s important that the mom-to-be pamper herself with at least one fun outfit that makes her feel great. It might be some fancy evening dress that fits tightly around the oversized belly or a really cool pair of evening pants.

When the mom-to-be is ready for the trip to the hospital the only clothes she should bring are maternity clothes. First time mothers tend to think once the baby is born they’ll be back in their pre-pregnancy clothes. That, however, is not the case for a while after taking the newborn baby home.

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