Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Baby Footprint Frame Makes A Unique & Special Gift

If you're a proud new parent struggling to come up with gift ideas for your parents or in-laws this Christmas, then a baby footprint frame is a great option. Using a baby footprint kit, it's incredibly easy to take ink prints or impressions of your little one's tiny feet and hands. You can then display these any way you like in a decorative frame, making a beautiful personalized keepsake that is sure to be cherished. Added to this is the fact that baby footprint and handprint crafts are inexpensive to buy, and you're sure to enjoy spending time with baby making your prints. So - you get to save money on expensive gifts, amuse your baby and keep the relatives happy all in one go!

Baby footprint kits are specially made to be baby-friendly, and will include all the materials you'll need, such as non-toxic wipes, acid-free paper or baby-safe impression clay if you choose to make casts of your baby's prints. It's so simple to buy an affordable kit online or from a craft store, there really is no excuse for not taking the time to preserve those tiny prints for posterity. A baby keepsake footprint will be a treasured gift that any close family member will be delighted to receive.

You can have lots of fun making your prints or impressions, and how you choose to present the final results is entirely up to you. Frames come in a range of sizes, colors and finishes. For a bold impact, you could display a single footprint or handprint in a small frame. Alternatively, you could mount a favorite baby photo in the centre and use a series of prints to encircle the picture. Another option is to include a specially-chosen poem that sums up the joys of parenthood.

Once you've made your baby footprint or handprint frames, they make adorable gifts and will be sure to take pride of place on granny's mantelpiece or daddy's office desk!

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