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Some Baby Names and Their Meanings

You can find thousands of baby names if you look hard enough. Just pick up a book on baby names and voila you’ve all ready got more than enough baby names to go around for thousands of people. Following is a listing of some baby names and their meanings for prospective parents to peruse in alphabetical order.

Aida: means helpful in Latin, while in English is an alternate form of Ada, meaning prosperous.

Alana: means attractive or peaceful in Irish and also means offering in Hawaiian. This is a feminine form of Alan.

Alice: means truthful in Greek and noble in German. Other forms of this are Allie, Aili, Aleka, Alisa, Alysa, Elke, and Alica.

Barbara: means stranger or foreigner in Latin. Other forms are Babs, Babe, Babina, Barbaraann, Barbie, Varvara, and Wava.

Berlynn: is a combination of Bertha and Lynn. Bertha meaning bright or illustrious ruler in German. Lynn meaning waterfall or pool below a waterfall in old English.

Cleta: means illustrious in Greek.

Cleo: is a short form of Cleopatra, a Greek name meaning ‘her father’s fame.’

Daniel: means ‘God is my judge’ in Hebrew. Other forms of it include, Dan, Danial, Dacso, Daneel, Danila, Doniel, and Nelo.

Deanna: means divine in Latin and valley in English. Its also a feminine form of Dean.

Effia: means ‘born on a Friday’ in Ghanian and other forms of it are Effi, and Effy.

Electra: means shining or brilliant in Greek. Another form of it is Elektra.

Ebanezer: means ‘foundation stone’ in Hebrew. Other forms of it are Eb, Ebbaneza, Eban, and Eveneser.

Edward: means ‘prosperous gardian’ in old English. Other forms are Ted, Ned, Teddy, Audie, Duarte, Edko, Edo, Edorta, and Edus.

Ginger: means flower or spice in Latin. It’s a form of Virginia.

George: means farmer in Greek. Other forms are Egor, Jorgen, Geordie, Georgio, and Gevork.

Harlan: means ‘hare’s land’ or ‘army meadow’ in old English.

Hassan: means handsome in Arabic.

Kanoa: means free in Hawaiian.

Katlyn: means pure in Greek.

Lulu: means pearl in Arabic and soothing or comforting in old English. Also means ‘hare’ in some Native American languages.

Mac: means son in Scottish

Michio: means ‘man with the strength of three thousand’ in Japanese.

Persis: means ‘from Persia’ in Latin.

Phyllis: means ‘green bough’ in Greek.

Reagan: means ‘little king’ in Irish.

Remus: means speedy or quick in Latin.

Sherry: means beloved from the French. Other forms of it are Sherey, Sheryl, Sherril, Cheryl.

Teal: means ‘river duck’ in the old English or refers to the color of blue-green.

Tawny: means ‘little one’ from an old Gypsy term or refers to the brownish, yellow color.

William: means ‘determined guardian’ in old English. Other forms are Guillaume, Liam, Ville, Welfel, Willem, Willyam, and Wim.

These names come from all over and you’ll find that you come across them or versions of them in daily life.

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