Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Expensive baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are given as a way to thank guests for attending the party. For a very special thank you a hostess may consider using expensive baby shower favors. If the money is available, expensive baby shower favors can be anything from candles to chocolates. There are many options when it comes to stepping up the party with expensive baby shower favors.

Most baby shower favors are personalized in some way. Getting items personalized can be expensive and many times people simply use a label they have printed themselves, but if money is not a consideration then personalization can get fun. There are many expensive baby shower favors online that offer great personalization effects. A person could get candles made with the shower date, parents names and a thank you on them. They could get small embroidered sachets with the same information, too. There are many options when cost is not a factor.

Another expensive baby shower favors idea is to get special made favors. Gourmet treats are a great idea with special made packaging with the party information on it. If there is a theme a person could get favors relating to the theme special made. Special ordering things, though, takes time, so a hostess should be sure to plan far enough in advance of the shower.

Expensive baby shower favors just go an extra step to tell guests how appreciated they are. While favors do not have to be expensive, if expensive baby shower favors can be afforded they make for a nice addition to the party.

by Tim Brandt

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