Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

With all the changes during pregnancy, it is easy to overlook the changes happening to your feet. During pregnancy the expectant mother's feet can swell a size or two. This is caused by the extra weight she is carrying and by hormonal changes helping areas of the body to spread for the upcoming birth. Knowing which shoes to choose for ease and comfort can be tricky...what's the best choice?

With the swelling of the expectant mothers feet, it is a very wise decision to get shoes that comfortably fit this new size and offer her the excellent back support she will need. Staying in her "normal" sized shoes can cause unwanted problems including bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, blisters, and just plain discomfort. (Another popular option for comfort during pregnancy is the pregnancy pillow - to aid in better sleep). Below we cover several options for the expectant mother.

Tennis Shoes
Lace-up tenis shoes can be good during the first months of pregnancy. Their comfort and support can be unmatched and very welcoming with the added weight that is rapidly approaching. However, lace-up shoes can be a challenge when the belly gets bigger and bending down to tie the laces gets tougher.

High Heels
Even pregnant women want to dress up! However, heels should by all means, be a last choice. Heels change posture and can add stress to her already stressed body. To keep the lower back from feeling added pain during this time, it is best that an expectant mother stay away from shoes with a 2-inch heel or higher.

Wearing sandals during pregnancy can be a needed change from closed toe shoes. The sandals should be comfortable and should offer excellent support in the arch. Some flip-flop manufacturers, such as Sanuk รข , are adding very good supports for their beach footwear.

Slip on shoes will be a great accessory when bending over becomes a chore. The solid soles are important for support during this life changing time. The ease with which clogs may be slipped on, and the fasion plus, makes these types of shoes popular during pregnancy.

Slippers / Barefoot
Lounging around the house in her new nursing pajamas and slippers will sound absolutely divine to an expecting mom - especially during the morning sickness stage. If at all possible, she should get slippers with a little wiggle room and more of an arch supported center.

Walking around barefoot can also be a nice change! However, the pregnant mom may want to keep this to a minimum. Being barefoot offers the least amount of support for feet, back, and ultimately baby.

As long as she can keep her feet supported for most of the day, barefeet and slippers can definitely be a way to relax and unwind from the new stresses and pressures on body and mind. By Michelle O'Connor, Stretch Mark Removal

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