Monday, November 16, 2009

Consider This When Naming Your Baby by Tom Tessin

When it's time to name your child, there are so many things that are going through your head, and often times, or not, there are some things that you won't even think of, until you actually name your child. Take a look at what you should also consider, when you're ready to name your child.

Passing a Name

Throughout time, there was a great emphasis on passing a name from generation to generation. Most commonly, this tradition was passed from male to male. However, in countries around the world, it is acceptable to pass down a female's name to their family members. Whether you decide to pass down a family name down to your child, there are many things to consider when doing this. Of course, there's always the dreaded problem when family get-togethers have five people with the name Billy and you want to speak to Billy IV, but all four of the others look up to see what you have to say. An easy way to avoid all the confusion is by simply passing down one of the family names. Without insulting your family, the family name is still being carried on, but you've allowed for an easier time differentiating between your family members.

Choosing Something Unique

There have been many stories on the news regarding celebrities naming their children odd names, and it appears to be a growing trend. Some people look in all different directions for inspiration in giving their child a name that is unique to them. Some people look to nature, space, seasons, and many other things that inspire them for that perfect name. When naming your child something unique, it also comes with many things to consider. Mainly, how will your child's friends and peers react to your child's strange name? If you decide to name your daughter Winter Snow or you son Payson Ventura, you can expect that there will be some amount of teasing from other kids.

Spelling Variations

Some people prefer to have a traditional name for their child, but want to update to a more time appropriate spelling. By removing the "eh" in Nicholas, you've given your child a name unique to him. Although it is becoming more common to spell your child's name differently, spelling variations also come with a price, much like the confusion of family names and the teasing with unique names. Because most people think a name is spelled a certain way, you will run into having to constantly spell out your child's name so that it's correct on every piece of paper his/her name is on.

What's Right for You?

Whether you decide to go traditional or unique, there are many things to consider. Most importantly, what you name your child is a decision that you as a parent(s) have to make for yourself. If you're having trouble deciding on a name, just sit back and take a breather. Your child isn't going anywhere and will be waiting for nine months, which gives you plenty of time to make the decision.

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