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Choosing a Double Stroller by Amy W. Cates

Whether you have twins or just two small children close in age, a double stroller can be a life saver. But with so many double stroller options on the market, it can be daunting trying to decide what to buy. This article serves as a guide to help you in making that decision. After all, this is not an inexpensive purchase. You want to be an informed shopper before you go out and purchase your double stroller.

First of all, understand that there are basically three kinds of double strollers: Tandem, Side by Side, and Sit and Stand. A tandem stroller has one seat behind the other seat. A side by side stroller has two seats next to each other. And a sit and stand stroller is just like a tandem except there is one seat and one area for an older child to stand behind the seat. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of each kind and take a look at a few of the actual strollers in these categories.

Tandem Strollers
A tandem stroller, with one seat behind the other, is often touted as your best option for getting through tight spaces like department stores or amusement parks or any other place you might have a hard time maneuvering a wider stroller. The good news is that you probably won't have a hard time fitting through a door or other tight space. But the bad news is that it might be difficult to get a tandem stroller up over a curb or step or any raised area due to the weight and length of the stroller. With a tandem stroller, you also have to deal with the fact that one child, the child in the front seat, will be out of your reach. And the child sitting in the rear seat will be a bit more crowded and will not have a very good view. If you have one older and one younger child, this may not be an issue. The younger child can be put in the back closer to the parent and in the space that is a bit more crowded. But if you have twins or two children about the same size, this could be a problem.

Side by Side Strollers
A side by side stroller has two seats next to each other. As mentioned before, a side by side stroller can be quite wide which makes it difficult to maneuver through some tight spaces. However, unlike tandem strollers, each seat offers each child the same view and the same leg and arm room. Both children are within arm's reach of the driver. And the children can easily see and talk to each other. Of course that last point can also be a negative. If your children are prone to fighting with each other, putting them inches from each other may be a nightmare. A tandem stroller would eliminate that issue.

Sit and Stand Strollers
Technically, the "Sit 'n Stand" is the name of a stroller manufactured by Baby Trend Company. Other companies have copied the design and call it a variety of names including a Stand-On Stroller, or a Caboose. But the basic premise is the same. You take a regular single stroller and add an area on the back for a child to stand. Some of these standing areas have a fold down seat for a child to sit on. But this seat is just a bare bones seat, not a plush seat with all of the extras that the regular stroller seat offers. This type of stroller is best for a family with a baby who needs a stroller and an older child who usually walks but who may want an occasional ride. The Sit and Stand stroller is much smaller than a regular tandem stroller with 2 full seats, which makes it easier to travel with or even to take to the mall or grocery store.

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