Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting Ready for a New Baby?

Your baby's room will be the first place he or she will come after arriving into the world. Making it comfortable for when the baby is sleeping and also for when mom is feeding should be top priority.

In reality, a baby needs very little at first but there are essential things that you do not want to do without.

* A good, safe crib is should be at the top of your list. Do your homework and chose the best mattress and crib with safety in mind. The looks are not as important as your baby being safe.

* A safe mattress cover that the baby cannot release and get trapped. It must fit correctly.

* A baby monitor that will alert you to your baby waking or in need. This is a must for your peace of mind.

* Bumper pad surrounding the inside of the railings of the crib so the baby cannot get caught. Legs and feet are easily able to slide through if there is too much space between the posts.

* Diaper disposal that is sanitary and will contain any contamination.

* Safe sleep toys for comfort and companionship.

* A changing table where you can change diapers, dress, store diapers, wipes, lotions, etc without leaving your baby.

* A rocking chair for evening or morning feedings. Do not feed in your bed because you can fall asleep. You need to sit up while feeding.

Your baby's room will take as much planning as any other room in your home. A well thought out design can make the difference between a happy safe child or one that has to function in chaos. You have to create an atmosphere that will help your baby to respond in a positive way.

Lighting is stimulating and good for the child. Darkness is necessary for sleeping. Room darkening shades are welcome for afternoon naps in the summer.

Circulation of air and heat is so important. Clean air that is filtered will help with respiratory situations. Your baby is developing every moment and a clean environment will help with lung development.

Your priority is to protect your child so remember that a safe environment is a healthy one.

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