Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baby Boy Unusual Names: Adaptations of Traditional Names

Did you know that there is a certain tacit convention for boys to be endowed with traditional baby boy names more often than the case is with the names of baby girls? Names like Roger, Samuel, William, Raymond, Jeffrey or Edward, no matter how long-established, are still the choice of many mothers and fathers when it comes to choosing a baby boy name.

Nonetheless, the younger generations of parents do tend to adopt baby boy unusual names or unusual name combinations for their boys. In spite of the fact that deep-rooted baby boys names have the advantage of being known by almost everybody, parents who opt for less customary names do it to escape conventions. It is probably your case as well.

Are you looking for a manner of saying that your son's name is as special as your son himself?

Then you probably have assumed as true the fact that, to a certain extent, his name will come to represent your son and the other way around. Certainly, a baby boy name like Christian sounds beautiful for you as well, but you want something else. Why not try variations? It works like the adaptation of a well-liked tune and it works marvelously. For instance, you can give Christian an unusual turn by spelling it in a less predictable way; let's say Kristian or Kristi-Ian, while you have changed nothing in its pronunciation.

Custom Variations

Also, you can choose baby boy unusual names with Oriental variations, such as Ian turned into Ean is. Of course, opting for a completely foreign name, for instance Suraj, can cause confusions, so let's keep the unusual baby boy names at the level of adaptations of a traditional name for a baby boy or at the level of their similarity in pronunciation. This way you will be able to come to an agreement with both your relatives and your preferences. It is the middle-way and probably the best one if the rest of your family is as important to you as your own preferences are. Moreover, it is securing your baby boy with a name that other children won't find difficult to pronounce.

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Meredith Schine is a proud mother of two, Zack and Guy. She is also known for her unique baby gift ideas and her special way of thinking about baby boy names. Visit her webpage to read more about unique baby boy names and gifts ideas.

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