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Baby Girl Names and the Meaning behind Them

Are you looking for a name for your new baby? If so, then you should know a little something about baby girl names and the meaning behind them. You may be a little surprised to learn the meaning of some of these names and it may also help you decide which one to choose if you know where the name originally came from.

Here are a few examples of names and their meanings that can be found at the top of the most popular girl baby name list that can help give you an idea of what to look for. Emma is one of the top choices for baby girl names. It originated from Germany and it means all containing, whole or being universal.

Emily was originally a Latin name that means rival or imitating. One meaning says to equal or excel another. Kaitlyn began as a Gaelic language and it simply means pure. Sophia originated as a Greek name and means wisdom.

There are many names with more than one origin and meaning. For example, Olivia originated from Latin and the meaning of it here is olive, which is very well know as being the symbol of peace. It also has an English origin which has the meaning elf army. It is possible for a girl baby name to have two origins and the same meaning in both.

In the past, the origin and meaning of a name was more significant than it is today. Many people looked at this very closely. Even though the meaning of names are not as important as they once were, it can still be beneficial to know the origin and meaning behind the name you choose for your baby.

Knowing where a name came from and the meaning of the names could help you make a decision when you are stuck between two names that you really love. You may really like the meaning of one of the names while you simply hate the meaning of the other one.

Aside from that, it is very interesting to know the meaning of the name you are giving your baby girl since it will be her name for the rest of her life. It is also interesting to look up the meaning of your own name and see just how close it reflects your personality.

When you are searching for the right name for your newborn, do some research on girl baby names and meanings to help you decide which one would be the best. It really can help you make a final decision.

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