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The Most Popular Baby Boy Names - Naming Info for Future Parents by Daniel Beasley

Trying to decide on the best name for your new baby can become an overwhelming experience and a hard decision at the same time. The possibilities are endless! Many of these top names are biblical in nature and come from those times in history. The good news that there are the top ten best names have been chosen and here they are:

1. Jacob 2. Michael 3. Ethan 4. Joshua 5. Daniel 6. Alexander 7. Anthony 8. William 9. Christopher 10. Matthew

Jacob is a Hebrew name and the meaning of the name is the supplanter, held by the heel, and also "may God protect."

The name Michael also has an origin of Hebrew and the name means, who is like God.

The name Ethan, Hebrew in origin, means strong, impetuous, and firm. The name also means optimistic, solid, and permanent. So this name is focused on strength which is another perfect name for a boy.

Joshua is a Hebrew name which means Lord is salvation, and God rescues.

The name Daniel is a Hebrew name and has a meaning of God is my judge.

Alexander is another ancient time name, though of Greek heritage. It means a helper and defender of mankind.

Another popular name is Anthony, which has a meaning of priceless and praiseworthy. It has a Latin name origin. It also has Greek origins which the name also has a meaning flourishing.

The name William has German origins and it means resolute guardian.

The next name is Christopher, which has Greek origins and has a meaning of Christ-bearer.

Matthew has Hebrew origins and has a meaning of Gift of God.

Several other perfect names for a baby boy include:

Enoch, a Hebrew name which means Dedicated.

Aiden, which is a cute but good name. It has an Irish origins which mean Fiery.

The name Jack has English origins which means both "of John" and "God is gracious."

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