Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I digg Dave Matthews Band music

Matthew is the standard English form of the New Testament name Μαθθαιος (Matthaios), a Greek transliteration of the Aramaic diminutive מתי (Mattay, Maty). From Latin Matthæus, the English spelling Matthew (earlier Matheu) comes directly from the French Matthieu. Ultimately derived from the Hebrew name מתתיהו (Matatyahu, Mattathias) or מתיתיהו (Matityahu, Mattithiah), Matthew means "gift of the LORD; gift of the god Yahu". The Hebrew name is also spelled מתניהו (Matanyahu, Mattaniah). Related names include נתניהו (Netanyahu, Nethaniah), and its inversion יהונתנ (Yehonatan, Jonathan).

Saint Matthew was one of the twelve apostles, he was a tax collector. You'd get taxed even in those days ...

A common name in the West, it is traditionally spelled "Matthew", but sometimes "Mathew", and even as the Muslim name Mathyu. "Matthew" can also be a last name, when an "s" is generally added to the end ("Matthews").

In 2004, it was ranked 4th in popularity.

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