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Naming Twins the Creative Way

So, you're having twins. Congratulations! It can be difficult to determine just one name, and now you have to come up with two names! One way that could reduce the difficulty of choosing names is to opt for some creativity. There are several creative ideas when it comes to naming twins. Below are a few creative options and a few examples of each in all twin possibilities (two boys, two girls or one of each) to get you started. The important thing in naming any child is to choose a name that you like and one that you feel will suit your child!

Rhyming - Choosing names that rhyme is a popular choice. Some examples:

Two boys: Will and Bill, John and Shawn, Blake and Jake, Ben and Ken, Luke and Duke, James and Thames, Jason and Grayson, Ted and Fred, Mike and Ike

Two girls: Trudy and Judy, Tara and Sara, Molly and Holly, Hailey and Kaylee, Marissa and Carissa, Darla and Starla

Boy and girl: Dale and Gail, Ben and Jen, Chase and Grace, Flynn and Corrine, Dan and Ann, Bailey and Hailey, Jerry and Cherry

Alliteration - You can choose names that begin or end with the same letters or sound, such as:

Two boys: Brett and Brandon, Ethan and Ryan, Matthew and Andrew, Sam and Adam

Two girls: Shelly and Holly, Ava and Eva, Hannah and Sarah, Kayla and Kaylee, Alicia and Felicia, Anna and Hannah, Alissa and Melissa

Boy and girl: (with one of each sex, you can also choose the male and female form of the same name) Gabriel and Gabriella, Jack and Jacklyn, John and Jan, John and Joan, Joseph and Josephine, Louis and Louise, Kyle and Kyla, Kelly and Shelly

Alternate spellings - This can be quite fun in confusing others, though nicknames would most likely be used to distinguish the two. A few examples:

Two boys: Shawn and Sean, Dru and Drew, Charlie and Charley, Thomas and Tomas, Lou and Lew (or Louis and Lewis), Christopher and Kristopher

Two girls: Tricia and Trisha, Leah and Leigh, Cami and Camey, May and Mae, Megan and Magan, Sarah and Sara, Melanie and Melany, Mia and Mya

Boy and girl: Gayle and Gail, Aaron and Erin, Don and Dawn, Shawn and Shaun

Anagrams - A creative way of using the same letters to create different names. Here are several examples:

Two boys: Haley and Hayle, Gary and Gray, Raheem and Hareem, Randell and Darnell, Randy and Daryn, Raoul and Lauro, Ray and Ary,

Two girls: Amy and May, Mary and Myra, Abby and Baby, Rachelle and Charelle, Raza and Zara, Maci and Cami

Boy and girl: Ira and Ria, Christian and Christina, Aaron and Anora, Abe and Bea, Gean and Gena, Hale and Leah, Halsten and Shantel, Rafa and Fara, Ares and Sera

Themes - This choice is perhaps the most creative of the options. Non-traditional names are becoming more and more popular and nearly anything can be used as a name. Flowers are a great choice when using themes. Here are some examples of flowers and other themes:

Two boys: Chase and Tag, Houston and Phoenix, Truman and Nixon, Milton and Hamilton, Elvis and Presley, Thunder and Hurricane, Luck and Chance, Kelly and Hunter

Two girls: Summer and Autumn, Violet and Lavender, Jasmine and Ivy, Lilly and Poppy, Faith and Joy, Reagan and Kennedy, Clementine and Peach

Boy and girl: Rome and Paris, Royce and Mercedes, Stone and Sky, Cypress and Briar, Fate and Destiny, Leo and Libra

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