Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Avoid Baby Name Disasters

What's in a name? A lot more than some people might think. After all, a child's life may not be impacted by being named "Mark Maas" but would the same be true if he were named "Pete Maas"? The following are a list of things one should think about before assigning a child a name they will have to live with for the next eighteen years.

1.) Cute doesn't last forever.

Cute baby names aren't so cute once they aren't babies. As a matter of fact, according the Social Security Administration of the US, the name "Baby" has been one of the top 1000 baby names for the past fourteen years.

So, what wrong with cute names like "Baby" or "Chance"? The thing people tend to overlook is that at some point these children grow up. You are less likely to be taken seriously on a professional level if your name sounds like a nickname one would use for an infant or pet poodle. I imagine many of the girls named "Baby" find themselves before a judge to have it changed as soon as they are legally able to.

2.) Pun names aren't funny.

Some parents think it's clever or funny to name their child a rhyme or pun such as "Candy Kane" or "Holly Wood". There is nothing that makes a child a potential target at school quicker than having an obvious gag name. Avoid the temptation and your child will thank you for it later.

3.) Just because some stars do it, doesn't mean you should.

We all know that over in Tinsel Town folks come up with some pretty unusual baby names for their kids. Let's face it; stars are known to jump on the band wagon for bad trends. Even with the advantage that their parents' notoriety offers, you better believe that it still won't completely shield those children from being teased on the playground.

You simply can not name your child "Fifi Trixibell" and not expect them to have one strike against them the minute they first walk through the doors of Junior High. You may as well just paint a target on their forehead.

4.) Mizzpelled names aren't Kool.

If you are going to give your child a classic name but want to add a little special something by changing the spelling around, please do not maul the word so badly that no one is able to recognize it. If you are considering adding an "X" and a "Q" to the name Leon or Anne, you can bet that no one would be able to sound it out. After a certain point misspelled names stop looking artistic and start looking outlandish. Creating a confusing name for your child isn't doing them any favors.

Remember when in doubt ask yourself: Would I be embarrassed if I were named this? Would kids have teased me for this name back when I was in school? Would he/she be taken seriously in a professional setting with this name? Does it flow well with his/her last name? While ultimately we all have our own style, we must always remember that it's our children who have to live with our choices. So be sure to factor them into your decision.

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