Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Naming Your Baby - How To Sort Through The Options

For some expectant parents, naming their baby is easy and straightforward. Some parents have had a name in mind for many years. Some may have already decided the baby is going to be named after members of the family. For some it's simply the case that they know of a name they like and would love to give to their child.

For other parents, finding a name is rather more complex. With the Internet being a great source of information on just about anything under the sun, there are many places where one can look at lists of information on names - popularity, origin and meaning, even names of celebrities if a parent feels inspired to name their newborn after someone they admire.

But how to choose? With the existence and popularity of the Internet, as well as society becoming more multi-cultural, the variety of possible names is so large that it can be overwhelming.

And, another question that is often asked is how many names to go for?

This matter is easier to solve than the first. When children grow up, they tend to love having more than one name. I recommend that unless there is good reason to just have the one name, I'd consider giving your child at least one more. After all, it's a special gift they can cherish for the many years to come.

I would recommend two to four names. Again, unless there is a good reason for more, I think four is a reasonable "limit". Any more than that and it gets difficult for a growing child to remember their full name.

Choosing the name, or names, can be a bit complex, but there are some pieces of advice I can give you.

- If there are a few names you are considering, see how well those names work with the child's surname. Some names work together, some don't. By trying out the various combinations, you will soon see what works.

- Although there is a trend for unusual first names, especially amongst celebrities, I would not recommend going for any name that just looks like someone stuck some random syllables together. This probably goes without saying, but the trend did come from somewhere and the children given those names will have to live with them. What may sound cute now may go out of fashion. It's better to choose a beautiful name with a true meaning.

- The same goes for naming children after current celebrities. In some cases this works, in some cases it doesn't, so I wouldn't recommend this option without due consideration.

- There are some names that have lasted through the ages, and that have still not lost their popularity. Names like Michael and David, Hannah and Sarah, are often considered strong names that work well. It's easy to look up popular names online.

- Some people hear a name and envision a personality they associate with that name. It can be fun and helpful to do this. What do you think of when you hear the name Sarah? This is just an example, but it can offer practical help.

- If you have a special bond with a member of your family, or a friend, you could consider their names for your child. Usually this goes for a second or third name. It's an honour to have a baby named after you. And a name chosen in this manner will often endear the child to those members of your family and friends even more.

- If you would like an unusual name for your baby, but you aren't too sure if it will work for a first name, you could always add it as a second or third name as well, or even a fourth. This way your child has the choice of using it when they grow up, when one decides what they like to be addressed as.

These are just a few pointers, but I hope they have given you some inspiration and perhaps eased your search a little. Good luck! I'm sure you will find the perfect name for your baby.

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