Saturday, October 31, 2009

Choosing Baby Names by Sandy Green

Whats in a babies name? Well it can mean various things. Naming your precious newborn baby can be a very difficult decision for parents to make. Here are just a few reasons behind why parents choose a particular name.

Baby names tend to go through cycles with particular names gaining popularity for a period of time and then falling out of fashion. Another lot of names become fashionable for a season.

Names that go in and out of fashion can be associated with popular movie stars, sportsman and and musical artists. Some baby names originate from fictional character from well liked television shows. For instance, Kirk, Wynonna, Tori and Garth are just a few names that people may connect with someone in the movie and entertainment world.

Other names have a endless appeal. They continue to be fashionable with generations of moms and dads. Often, these are traditional names that are taken from the Bible or famous literature, either the names of characters or the authors themselves.

Popular traditional may include, Joseph, David, Michael, John, Luke, Matthew, Sarah and many others. Other famous names from literature include Scarlet, Meg, Louisa to name a few.

Names can also be handed down from generation to generation as a family custom. Some parents and grandparents honour the tradition of naming newborns after them. Others the middle, or perhaps even maiden names and this is where some odd names can arise. George, Virginia, Dorothy, Clarence, Josephine, and Edward are just some of the names that have endured throughout generations for this reason.

Baby names can also be decided or influenced by different cultures, race, religion, or geographic location. The options are endless.

There can be one or more meanings associated with a name, and parents may also select or even eliminate names based on the meaning of the name itself, as well.

Some mother and fathers also make the final selection of their baby's name by taking into account the numerous nicknames associated with that name. Some will choose or veto a name based on what other people might tend to nickname their child when they are older.

For instance if you name a child Robert, common nicknames could be Bob, Rob, Robby, Robbi, Bobby, or Bobbi. The import thing about nicknames is that even if you do not call your child by that nickname, others may. You have absolutely no control over that once your child goes to school or grows up.

So if you dislike the nickname, you may want to rethink the name that could be the foundation of that nickname. On the other hand, if you love the nickname Bobby, you could simply choose to name him Bobby instead of Robert in the first place.

In any case, the name you select for your child should have meaning to you because your child will live with this name forever. So take your time in choosing, your loved ones perfect name!

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