Friday, October 30, 2009

Tips for Choosing Your Baby's Name by P.S. Orr

Naming your baby is very important and will definitely affect his or her identity at some point or another. Remember the country song about a boy named Sue? Sometimes names have a powerful effect on the way children are related to from peers or in the way they actually see themselves. So, it's a good idea to give some thought to what you name your child. If you can't decide on what to name your baby or where to find a good name, here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

1. Thoughtfully look at all the names that are in the heritage of both sides of your baby's ancestry. In some instances, there may be a wonderful name that can be passed down that will provide strong identity and purpose. On the other hand, some names are best left in the past and not to become a burden hoisted upon your child for the rest of his or her life. It's not a good idea to appease a family member either, by naming your baby an expected name unless you actually do like the name. Think about how you would feel if you were named that certain name. Would you be proud or embarrassed?

2. It is usually best to stay away from fad names that may be popular today or that are used by pop movie stars and rock idols. Also, names that have a double meaning or can be twisted into an embarrassing slogan or spelled backwards to mean something get the idea.

3. Think about the spelling, initials and pronunciation before settling on a permanent "handle" for your youngster. It's much easier for a child in kindergarten to spell shorter names and names that don't have weird spellings. The initials are another thing to consider. It's usually best to make sure that a set of initials don't spell something strange or embarrassing as well. Pronunciation is also important to think about because some names can be pronounced more than one way so make sure you know how you want the name spoken. Think about if the name can be shortened or turned into a nickname that you do not want for your child.

4. You and your spouse should both agree on the name that is chosen for your child. If not, there may continue to be tension about the name and it will be apparent to the youngster as he or she grows up. Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes, and it's always helpful to share this type of decision with your spouse since he or she may have some knowledge or insight about a special name. It's also a very good bonding moment when you both decide on your baby's name.

Issues such as pronunciation, spelling, meaning, and family connections are all important considerations when picking out the right name for your baby. So do your homework, discuss the possiblities with your spouse and try the name on yourself to see how it feels to be called that name. Then, settle on the name that your little one will live with for the rest of his or her life. That's a lot of responsibility, isn't it?

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