Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dozens of Baby Shower Themes

Choosing baby shower themes is the first step in planning a baby shower. Or, you may choose not to have a theme at all. However, having a theme for your baby shower should make the party entertaining, fun, and a memorable experience.

Before picking a shower theme, decide on what your baby shower guests would find enjoyable. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would want to do if you were the baby shower guests. Themes for your baby shower are time savers by providing a focus on the baby shower party.

The theme you decide on will determine everything else about the baby shower. The location, whom to invite, what kind of baby shower decorations, games, food and beverages.

You also need to determine if the baby shower will be before the baby arrives or after.

One of the themes that the Ladies would like would be a tea theme party. There are tea gift baskets that would work well with a tea theme party. Not only can Gift Baskets provide the theme for the baby shower, they can double as a centerpiece for your table decorations. With so many themed gift baskets available, you will be able to use a gift basket for almost any baby shower theme.

More Examples of Baby Shower Themes:

Baby Diaper Cake shower theme
Teddy Bear shower theme
Gift Basket shower theme
Stork shower theme
Harvest Moon shower theme
Nursery Rhyme shower theme
Baby invitation shower theme
Baby safari shower theme
Winnie the pooh baby shower theme
Christmas baby shower theme
Baby Shower cake theme
Baby girl shower theme
baby duck shower theme
Baby boy shower theme
Baby game shower theme
Baby butterly shower theme
Noahs ark shower theme
Decoration shower theme
Frog shower theme
Book shower theme
Rubby ducky shower theme
Sports shower theme
Care bear shower theme
Ducky shower theme
Teddy bear shower theme
Snoopy shower theme
Tigger shower theme
Jungle shower theme
Princess shower theme
Angel shower theme
Cowboy shower theme
Precious moments shower theme
Sports theme
Jungle theme

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